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Sanctum of Iione

Sanctum of Iione (ee-Oh-Nay)

The Sanctum of Iione; Nestled within the kingdom of Kairos, the Maritime Duchy, county of Krypshyre and Town of Ayanor.

The Sanctum of Iione stands to document lore, maps, and other important information in one centralized place for safe keeping. The sanctum is intended to be a giant library of sorts, containing important maps, documents and history of not only Ayanor, but the kingdom of Kairos as a whole. I eventually hope to expand this knowledge, spreading our reach to the far corners of the world.

It will be the responsibility of the sanctum members to share their findings with mayors and with students of the sanctum, known as sentries. The information kept here needs to be kept safe, because of this, certain information and sections of the sanctum are to be off limits for those below a certain rank, this ensure the safety of our lore is kept safe, where only authorized ranks are able to view it.

The sanctum is home to several different professions, scholars, scribes, cartographers and of course those who are interested in guarding, researching and even the religious lore aspects of the game.

The ranks of the church are divided by a simple hierarchy, by promoting from within, the sanctum ensures that only the best possible individuals are assigned to the positions. Different professions tend to have different titles, but the Cardinal is always the overseer of all happenings within the sanctum.

Detailed descriptions of each position can be viewed below.


1.) To document and archive history and lore of not only our town, but our county, duchy, and kingdom as well. We plan as time goes on to eventually chronicle the history of the world as a whole.

2.) To document as much as we can regarding exploration, alchemy, farming & husbandry, as well as history, lore and other important relevant information.

3.) To create 2 separate libraries, 1 for public access and 1 that's not accessible by the public, this serves to share knowledge with our kingdom, as well as to keep important information secure.

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Roles Recruiting

Cardinal: The Cardinal is the head of the sanctum, all happenings within the sanctum are discussed with the cardinal at some point. The cardinal is responsible for overseeing lore and history before it is published for public viewing within Ayanor.

In addition to sanctum duties, the cardinal also holds a spot on the town council. The Cardinal works along side Amriel when it comes to officiating weddings.

Bishop: The Bishop is second in command, it is their responsibility to handle the “lore & history” branch of the sanctum. They, alongside the cardinal, are responsible for proofreading and fact checking all documents on history and lore.

Aside from that, this person also works closely with Amriel when it comes to attending official meetings within the county, duchy, and kingdom, and they are responsible for presenting new findings to their mayor.

Scribe: This is one of the most important ranks, these individuals will be in charge of documenting history, lore, and they work closely with townspeople to assist with quest-writing when needed.

In addition, a scribe will work hand-in-hand with adventures, this is so all new discoveries can be properly documented for record within the kingdom. It is not uncommon for a scribe to be an adventurer themselves. If you are interested in the exploration aspect of the game, this is the position for you.

Cartographer: This position, alongside the scribe, is very exploration heavy. It will be your duty to create maps, documenting new location discoveries and providing maps to not only the town, but also the county.

Sentry: A sentry is a new recruit to the sanctum, they have to opportunity to work alongside everyone within the sanctum to figure out what section they’d like to be a part of, whether that’s the religious side, or the lore side.

They are responsible for spreading the word of the sanctum, they travel, usually in groups, to different towns to try to bring people into the sanctum. It is their job to not only bring new members, but also to participate in the discovery aspect of the sanctum. They will share their findings with the scribes, and if necessary, they bring the cartographers to new locations in order to get them properly documented.

Sentries will also gather resources for researchers to utilize, Amriel will compensate the sentries for contribution to the sanctum in a way that is TBD.

Guard: Due to the surplus of knowledge we plan to keep safe within the sanctum, we will need to be sure we have proper guards. If you are interested in the combat aspect of this game, along side the knowledge aspect this is the position for you. To start, we're looking for 2 guards & 1 captain.

The captain will preform all the duties guards preform, in addition they are responsible for giving commands to the guards as well as assigning and training guards new to the sanctum.

Researcher: Are you interested in Alchemy, maybe another craft that interests you? The sanctum needs researchers of all sorts, those interested in crafting medicine, poisons, etc. A researcher will be provided with materials via the sanctum,


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Contact Information

County Discord: County Discord

Town Discord: Town Discord

Discord: Cookie#4538

Comment down below!

3/21/2018 9:17:00 PM #3

Yes <3 We need more to join this as it would be a wonderful thing!

3/21/2018 9:34:07 PM #4

I'm so excited to see how this unfolds! It's going to be an amazing asset to our county for sure!

May Fortuna smile upon us.

3/22/2018 10:00:37 PM #5

Updated the post above to add information on the libraries that I'm trying to develop!

3/24/2018 3:38:40 PM #6

I would love to be a part of this! Training scribes will be a top priority of my settlement and I would be glad to assist in any way I can.

Mayor of Stellantris, “City of Stars”, a center for astronomic study and application.

3/25/2018 10:58:26 PM #7

Posted By Tekshah at 08:38 AM - Sat Mar 24 2018

I would love to be a part of this! Training scribes will be a top priority of my settlement and I would be glad to assist in any way I can.

I'll shoot you a message; We can talk about branching off into your settlement as well!

4/24/2019 10:41:24 PM #8


Recruiting is open for the sanctum. With settlement selection fast approaching, we're ready to get starting on planning the sanctum out and figuring out who is going to help run it.

Any interested players are free to join me on discord. I look forward to meeting you all!

4/30/2019 5:53:56 AM #9


1.) I have adjusted practically everything about the sanctum, it's focus has now shifted from a more religious view to a more knowledge view.

2.) Now recruiting for guards, a guard captain as well as researchers.

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