Real friends as Siblings

I was wondering if my friend and i could start as brothers in game and if so how i would go about doing so.

4/24/2018 1:27:04 AM #1

Not necessarily sure you can start as brothers exactly but you can start in the same family during character gen.

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The answers is a little complicated. To start as brothers you'd need to find a family that has multiple open and playable children/siblings. At least at first.

However if you have a surname/family reservation After a generation or two you can give out the codes of npcs in the family to your friends to play.

5/2/2018 9:21:28 AM #3

For that you can look for a family in the world that has two siblings available or there may be a system to allow players to start as family members (whether siblings we're not sure) it seems to be something Soulbound is still working on based on these answers in the FAQ on Surname Reservation,

Q6: How do I ensure my family members can use my surname? A6: How this will work isn't finalized yet, but more details will be forthcoming

Q18: Can I claim the same Surname, and be a part of an extended family? A18: We're working out the details and will have more to share in the future. For now, claim the surname you want.

Q26: I want my friend to enter the same surname as I did so we can start out in the same family, but it won’t let us do it because I’ve already claimed it. What can we do? A26: The reservation tool works as intended. Surname reservation does not allow you to join the same family that way. Stay tuned for more information on personas and how to become part of the same family at a later point in time.

So I would wait and see what they come up with there. It looks to be something where they're trying to see what will balance well in the end.

5/5/2018 11:43:42 PM #4

Thank you this was quite helpful.

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