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Druids of Faedin


The Druids of Faedin has always believed nature is the best teacher and is the foundation of all other studies. Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge regarding all matters of Fauna and Flora, Faedin teaches our student the much forgotten and often overlooked skills of the natural world.

Ever present within the Kingdom of Tryggr are the students of Faedin in search of the knowledge and wisdom of nature, travelling far and wide to procure the components for their fields of study. Often see in the support lines of the Kingdom armies healing those injured, bestowing blessing and bolstering the kingdom militia. The Guild is ruled by a Hippocratic Oath for both nature and its creatures.


Much like the seasons, the Druids of Faedin are guided by the teachings of the four pillars, two disciplines for Nature and two for Mann balance in all things. Druids train their students in these primary fields of knowledge

As Druidism is a lifelong study the structure of Faedin reflects that in the encompassment of many skill tiers to reach the higher structures

The Children of Faedin if the largest group within the Guild. This incorporates the Novice, Apprentice and Journeyman groups learning the base skills of all 4 pillar of Druidism. Disciples are the second largest group including Experts and Artisans with a more focused field of study. The Sage, Bards and Ovate hold the skill tiers of Renowned, where within the Ovate are the highest ranks. Druids are Masters of their crafts each equal in the Guild, although there hasn’t been an Arch Druid in the Guild for many years it would require mastery of all 4 pillars.


Part of the great Kingdom of Tryggr deeply rooted in Town of Lundr in the Coalition of Orisha lies the heart of the Guild, surrounded by the evergreen forest of [Forest Name] and vast expanses of [Tree Name] trees for all to absorb the bounty of nature’s teachings.


Students of Faedin study four distinct Primary foundations of Nature and the support she provides these are:


Before the times of modern medicine, the Children of Mann looked to nature to cure, protect and heal the body. Crucial knowledge and understanding of identification and medicinal properties of plants, herbs and even honey available are the cornerstones of this discipline allowing the student to cure a vast variety of ailment, diseases and injuries. Always learning and discovering the hidden secrets nature provides these students travel the kingdom in search of new and undiscovered plants, trees and fungi.

One of the more solitary studies these students likely have to closest bond with nature and are sometimes seen with animal companions as protection and company on their long lonely journeys or isolated field work.


Much has been forgotten about the old ways of Forestry, the Children of Mann have forgotten the ancient bond with the trees they so willing cut down for their own selfish reasons, since the dawn of Mann the trees have given us shelter, fuel for our fires, food and materials to use our mind and create. The Druids of Faedin are dedicated to once more achieve the relation with the forest and only use what is needed and replace what has been taken.

Wound Care:

A few of us are selfless enough to undergo the study of Wound Care, with an extensive study of anatomy these brave souls are devoted to healing and mending the injured Children of Mann and often the creature of Elyria as well. As Music soothes the Souls so do these students sooth the body and care for it. Often called upon when those in station are wounded or war is upon the kingdom these students life by there Oath.


Before Mann had language and the art of writing Nature had song, from the birds to the creatures at the deep oceans may have relied on the music of the soul. Faedin focuses on music as a primary pillar of teaching; the enrichment of the discipline aids in the understanding of oneself in addition to the understanding of others once the skills have been focused. From the humble minstrel playing in a tavern to a Bard of Lore taming a beast or an esteemed Druid of the Spirit bolstering allies in battle these disciples all have an effect on the souls of Elyria.

Lifestyle Studies:

While not directly associated with Faedin many students with their close ties to the natural order also have non-compulsory secondary skill focuses as means of profit generations for the students themselves, these skills are generally associated with their main discipline. Secondary lifestyle skills are provided by the Grove and it’s Guild Associates.


With the study of herbs, plants and fungi comes a curiosity of taste, as such many Herbalist learn the art of cooking. Focusing more so on Vegan cuisine as digestion is one of the many methods of testing compounds for the disciple of herbalism


Bees are nature’s pollinators without them many plants would not be able to thrive which is why students of forestry often aid Mother Nature in the cultivations of bee hives and she thanks them with the gift of honey and wax.


Labour in the shade of that which you nourished, this is the philosophy of our carpenters. Being well studied in forestry they have a distinct advantage in the usage and application of the wood they use. Avoiding the unnecessary usage of life giving trees to cause death and destruction the students focus primarily on non-military aspects of creation. With the W-Anchors Shipwrights Guild, these students learn their crafts and trade.

Animal Taming:

Since it been said that "Music tames the savage beast." Student of Musicology often assists the Town of Ásmundr with higher tier beasts and those in the Town of Lundr with their Spiritual animals.


The students of Mending have an intimate knowledge of animal anatomy and as such, some have learned the skill of hunting. Nature gives and Nature takes, hunting responsibly and assuring that no beast suffers is a key component. Often giving a humane and quick end when all other options have been exhausted is what must be done. This is in conjunction with the Guild of Síðastr Jötunnøðr ensuring well trained archers and Town of Ásmundr School with its vast knowledge and extensive bestiary.

Additional Associates:

The College of Utdannelse and The Druids of Faedin has a close relationship in the pursuit of knowledge. Wisdom and guidance are freely shared between to two both for the greater good of the kingdom and enlightenment of the Guild and College.

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild and the Druids of Faedin are often seen in one another’s companies they provide needed arms in certain instance and the Druids of Faedin provides healing in other. Bound by contracts these to Guild work in association

Additional Information and Training

As the guild is primarily a knowledge base institute serving the Kingdom and its own agendas, no monetary value will be exchanged for the services of Forestry, Herbalism or First Aid. Bardic services can, however, charge for private contracting but is non-profit in times of conflict and only serves Kingdom armies.

While most training happens in the town of Lundr as it’s the base of operations it is required for each Disciple assisted by a Child of Balance to do freelancing within the Kingdom. Students of Musicology would practice their music in the taverns of Towns and Cities until such time as the Child of Balance has the Skill to take over from the Disciple.

Herbalists will be assigned remote and excluded out postings with in the Kingdom and work on an Annual rotation system with other Herbalists and sometimes get contracted to companies. This would also be the case with Wound Menders who are posted to garrisons to assist with training injuries and also rotate annually.

Foresters work mostly in and around the Forest of [Name] homing their skills of sustainability and regrowth, but could at the request of a Jarl and agreement of his Druid move to a county after reaching the level of Sage.

Vacancies: The Druids of Faedin is currently recruiting for numerous vacancies; we are specifically looking for dedicated mature players preferably with knowledge of the Druid outline and/or general support classes to head some Druid positions as well as 3rd tier positions are available to 3 Proprietors heading up Druid of Bark, Mending and Spirit. If becoming a Hero is your Goal, insanely wealthy or killing mindlessly this is probably not the Guild for you. We operate as a support structure for many other Guilds, Associates and the Kingdom with and internal focus on Lore, Nature and Healing if this is your general play style then it’s the best place for you in all of Elyria.

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Balance in all things

Druid Turgon

PS. All [Name(s)] are pending land selection and as thus will change once this occurs

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@Turgon another great post, I'm really liking the druid way of life. Again I think you'll be renown throughout Elyria glad to have you be a part of Tryggr!

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lovely post, it's great to have you as one of our own

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Seems interesting, hopefully looking towards gaining the Druid of Spirit as "Asdrac Alfrothul"

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Looking forward to working with you guys in the future o7

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I'm glad to be here

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Glad to have you on board Mug

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Hi, i would love to join this guild

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Are Brudvirs allowed to be Druids in the forest?

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take me!

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