Kickstarterversary week 2: Take me to the River!

Ahoy Elyrians!

Our 2nd Kicktstarterversary promotion is going strong and as our store tracker has already announced, the community has achieved the first 5 milestones already, nicely done!

Milestones achieved so far:

  • Kypiq Party Pack
  • Purebread Horse
  • Pack Bonuses
  • Special Title
  • Otter Bear Cub

Keep going, you've sailed past 5 milestones in the first week, let's see how many you can unlock next! To carry you swiftly towards your goals, we've brought back a few favorites from the vault.

Otter Bear Cub

First, you unlocked the Otter Bear Cub, find it under Pets and Mounts in the store!

It's so adorable, it's easy to forget the monstrous strength it will one day possess.

The "squee" you're hearing isn't from the Otter Bear Cub. It's just the sound everyone makes when confronted with their nigh-lethal levels of cuteness. Your otter bear cub will grow up to be your big best friend, but with careful training, you might even teach the little cutie to act as your ride.

Note: This item is giftable.

Back in the store this week:

The cute little otterbear cub won't be alone in the store. Joining them for a limited time is the return of the Foxcelot, Song Birds, and a brand new Hive item for those that either missed the Renewal Festival or want to increase the number of bee species they can breed.

The Foxcelot

Song Birds

Both of these are back, but 25% more expensive than before to thank those who snagged them on their first time in the store.

New: Colony Starter Kit

Much like on Earth, Elyrian fields and flowers are pollinated by bees. If you dream of being a renowned beekeeper in Elyria, then this is the package for you. You'll receive a hive box and beekeeper's gear, plus a random swarm of bees and their Queen. Bees increase germination and growth rates of plants in their area, and can provide other benefits depending on the species.

Take Me To The River

It wouldn't be an awesome Kickstarterversary if there weren't a few surprises. That's why these resilient and sturdy water transports have appeared in the store through the end of May!

River Barge

Moving goods across Elyria is a complicated task even under the best conditions, but when it comes to moving the heaviest goods, the "best conditions" don't involve traditional wagons at all. The shrewd trader moves the heavy goods via the rivers and other waterways of Elyria, shipping goods that would break the axles of any mere wagon.

Note: This item is giftable.

But wait, that's not all! For the intrepid merchant, we've also added the following bundle; outrun thieves and brigands with help from these swift and furry friends.

The OtterBarge

For the up-and-coming trader, wagons are... you know... fine. But, when you're ready to take things to the next level, it's time to hit Elyria's waterways at the prow of your very own trade barge. Your rivals will watch in jealous awe as you float by, your goods-laden barge gliding across the water, towed behind your majestic Otterbear team.


  • River Barge
  • 2 Otterbear mounts (not yet available a la carte)
  • 2 Otterbear yokes
  • 50m coil of Kypiq-Woven rope
  • 2 Barrels
  • 4 Crates

Note: The otterbears and barge inside this bundle are giftable, the otterbarge kit is not. To trade, wait for game launch.

Additional images:

Something For Everyone

In order to help you keep track of the Community Rewards milestones achieved throughout the month, we added this handy progress bar to the top of the merchandise store!

To learn what was launched in the 1st week of this promotion, read the announcement post here.

Most of the rewards will be given at the end of the month to anyone who has a completed pledge package by then but, please note, and there are a few that will unlock in the store along the way too. For more details see the 3rd FAQ answer on this page.

Our 2nd Kickstarterversary celebration continues throughout the month of May with additional weekly promotions. Be sure to check back to see what's new, and good luck!

As always, more to come...

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5/14/2018 5:44:44 PM #1

Nice! The Otter-barge is awesome.

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5/14/2018 5:45:36 PM #2

Yay so many cool things! Thank you SBS <3

5/14/2018 5:47:28 PM #3

Great we all love you.

5/14/2018 5:52:47 PM #4

Very hell

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5/14/2018 5:55:28 PM #5

what did I see o.0

5/14/2018 5:57:43 PM #6


5/14/2018 5:58:21 PM #7

These are some awesome looking things, and I am really tempted to not wait, and use that free $10 store credit to get the Otter Bear cub.....

5/14/2018 5:58:42 PM #8

Love the barge. Just hope there's lots of rivers or lakes nearby.

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5/14/2018 6:00:23 PM #9

Another boat, and a way to get mature Otterbears early? Nice, I approve. :3

The colony starter kit comes with regular bee's I assume, as opposed to the cardinal one from earlier?

5/14/2018 6:03:25 PM #10

Posted By ShadowTani at 5/14/2018 6:00:23 PM

The colony starter kit comes with regular bee's I assume, as opposed to the cardinal one from earlier?

Yes, you are correct. The colony starter kit will just be regular bees, and not the Cardinal ones.

Caspian: Also, new version of the Beekeeper kit. Does NOT include cardinal bees, but a random species of Bee from Elyria for you to begin your cross-breeeding.

alt text

5/14/2018 6:06:11 PM #11

oh wow~ looks amazing! Thanks Serpentius ^.^

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5/14/2018 6:11:45 PM #12

Noooooooo! My poor wallet! Dang you, SBS! :P

5/14/2018 6:14:15 PM #13

Nice... Otterbarges 🤑

5/14/2018 6:39:51 PM #14

Otterbear! OTTERBEAR!


5/14/2018 6:42:26 PM #15

Hrmmm looks like SbS just did a Drive-by on my wallet... and now I have all these otterbear cubs....

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