treating pets not as consumables

Wouldn't it be possible to increase the amount of time I get out of a pet when becoming a better tamer?

I thought along these lines:

Make sure I need to put in time to really train my pet. Give my pet a meter that shows how much it trusts me and once it reaches 100%, let me be able to share a part of my soul with my pet.

This would effectively taint a part of my soul, but in return my pet could also spirit walk. It couldn't walk alone, Every time my pet dies I would need to die as well to show my pet the path back. I also can't share too much of my soul. I might only be able to to share enough soul for my pet to spirit walk 3 or 4 times, but the more I taint my soul, the more I would be able to give my chosen pet.

I would obviously pay twice the amount of Spirit for each death (me and my pet) and be weaker than someone not tainting his soul, but would that not be a nice way to play the game?

I don't want this playstyle to be too strong or even abusable. But I also don't like the thought of calling my dog "Dogmeat" because even if I try hard, he would suicide within the next 3 days no matter what I do. (Sidenote: I plan on playing a champion)

any thoughts?

6/25/2018 1:32:54 PM #1

When I read the words pets as consumables I thought boshintang. I would share an image but dog stew might upset people so enjoy this representation instead:

Coming Soon(tm)

6/25/2018 1:42:14 PM #2

Everything in the game will eventually be consumed, destroyed, or otherwise expire so not sure why pets should be any different.

6/25/2018 2:20:29 PM #3

Pets have a short lifespan. You wouldn't want to share that with them.

8/13/2018 12:05:39 PM #4

Made me think of possibility of cultivating some purely "consumable" animals (e.g. pigs, cows, goats etc.) as battle companions...Psychological damage upon minds of your foes will be priceless.

8/15/2018 3:44:43 AM #5

It would be interesting if you could use a spark of life on a pet to make them more useful by skilling it up or extending their life.

8/15/2018 8:37:00 AM #6

Posted By WarlanderLichbane at 1:44 PM - Wed Aug 15 2018

It would be interesting if you could use a spark of life on a pet to make them more useful by skilling it up or extending their life.

That would be cool. Could start my eternal pig army! Though I would love to be able to even buy sparks for NPCs, but that's another topic all together.

8/22/2018 7:10:06 PM #7

i like the idea of charing soul with your pet, but then you should only be able to have one pet at all and need to spend soul if it dies...would be bad for people which dont like buying (even if the loss wouldnt be hard the cry would be big) also kinda balancing problem, how strong should a pet like that be, talking bout risk and reward aswell, however i do think this could be good feature as wild animals should act like wild and tamed like tamed (less morale loss, less fear and stuff like that) also it would hinder people of having a pet armie while others wont find any animal after the first month

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