Hi everyone. I invite you to share my vision for Elyria.

My guild will be a dreaded sight no doubt. For when you see us you will know that your only option is to fight, run, or die. At first you might laugh at us, because we will be nearly naked, armed with crude instruments, rocks, and sharpened sticks, but then you will realize that our vigor is unmatched, our soldiers are fearless, and our numbers are vast and daunting.

Our aggressive nature and fighting prowess will make us well known throughout all the lands, and stretch across the great seas. We will not fear death, nor the consequences of our actions. We will raid, loot, and kill.

We have no interest in the political landscape, only the accumulation of stolen wealth and plunder, and to accrue the armaments that will feed our war machine.

Only the most loyal and brave will fill our ranks, and the meek shall perish by the wayside.

The RAID will be a ceaseless foe, and you can never predict the time nor the place that it will come to collect from you.

The balance between good and evil must always find its equilibrium, and we look forward to the days ahead when we meet our challengers in the fields of battle.

Yours sincerely, Smough

7/3/2018 2:29:47 AM #1

This made me laugh, thank you for that. :)

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

7/3/2018 2:31:30 AM #2

Naked people attacking my high level base in Rust^


5/7/2019 6:08:06 PM #3

Have fun with no armor and freezing to death in the north lmao

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