Trap Lethality and Legality

I’ve been thinking about the use of traps for home / work defense and was curious if anything has been stated regarding the lethality of traps? I’ve tried searching the forums for existing posts but could not find any so I apologize if this has been discussed already.

Essentially I’m curious if some traps will be capable of doing a coup de grace on players, or if they will always only be incapacitated? If the worst that can happen to a would be thief is the trap incapacitates them, then that might not be enough of a deterrent. This is especially true if the trap is in a location that won’t see a lot of traffic from players/NPCs.

If traps can CDG players then will there be laws to regulate the legality of using them?

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide on the subject!

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I don't think anyone, devs or otherwise, have talked about anything regarding traps for other characters that cause a Coup. Though, there is animal hunting but I can't quite remember whether or not traps are available/an option to use.

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to my knowledge that is the only time they have discussed traps in any depth.

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Posted By Blankwindow at 6:16 PM - Sun Jul 22 2018

to my knowledge that is the only time they have discussed traps in any depth.

Thanks for the information. I had read that Dev Journal awhile back but was not sure if anything more recent had been revealed. It definitely seems like traps, or at least some types of traps, would need to do more than just briefly incapacitate an intruder to actually serve as a deterrent...

7/23/2018 1:07:11 AM #4

It does make sense to have lethal traps, but only if someone had to bypass other locks or hidden doors just to get to them.

And imagine how you would feel if you accidentally triggered your own CDG trap! I'd be like Awwww, crap, then ROFLMAO.

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Given that Kypiq will be heavily trap-related warfare and indirect warfare it's safe to assume there will be some traps that have some lethality - at least to the point of requiring some spirit walking.

The Akashic Records

7/23/2018 3:01:13 AM #6

I hope that if there are in fact traps that can coup de grace are expensive and difficult to create and assemble if only to limit availability. However I wouldn't doubt that you could bleed out or get an infection if you got your leg out of a beartrap and didn't treat it.


9/22/2018 9:23:12 PM #7

Not all traps are mechanical, some can be as simple as a covered pit with spikes , and the spikes could contain a poison . I don't think it would be out of the question , but I think it would take time and resources to get to a point where you could deploy such things . Meaning roughly you would have to make the blue prints for your trap , use the correct materials , in the right location and strike the right target at the right time , armor will likely effect how the trap would effect said target . But I digress ....

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