Searing Plague - physician set


Day one I received the bonus 6 Purity. Day two I received 5 bonus Purity then on refresh Purity was reset to Zero. Today -Day three I received no Purity

Question: Is there a way to track/generate the missing 11 purity ? is there a way to check if maybe the spawn time of the 24 hour ability is getting automatically removed due to reset?

Note, I checked up to the minute before reset and still no additional Purity being generated on day three.

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8/7/2018 2:01:42 PM #1

[8:56 AM] has anyone else been reporting they are not receiving the bonus purity from the physician set ?

[8:56 AM] Sage Xenotropic: the set only contributes to the cure bar.

[8:56 AM] MedKit📜: That was a bug and it got fixed.

[8:57 AM] MedKit📜: It is only supposed to be contributing to the purity bar.

|| FC : 46C28B

8/13/2018 10:52:40 PM #2

This is resolved.

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