Cooldown resets messed up all weekend long!

I am a Plague Doctor

Yesterday the only ability I was able to use all day was "Comfort the Masses" (Instant, use once every 8 hours)

Both of my other abilities were on cooldown all day, and as soon as one cooldown timer went off, it was reset. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but all 3 of my cooldowns were supposed to expire 1 hour before reset today. But what happened at 8am PDT (11am EDT, where I love) - everything reset! I've not even been able ot use Comfort the masses this time. I had a trade set up with someone who was going to send me her plague, but she did send it 12 minutes too early. I was going to have her send me her purity and then send it back so I could use my "Treat the infected" but now it's on cooldown again too (for over 23 hours!)

This is why the plague is winning - because some of us can't seem to use our abilities.

The Plague Doctor is OUT

You had the illness, we worked on a cure.

Hoping to see you all soon

8/19/2018 3:44:22 PM #1

When you create a new link, the cooldown timer is activated. If you then send/receive as indicated, the result does in fact take place. It confused the heck out of me when it first started, but with some testing I found:

Links from before reset do not always activate the effect, you must sometimes create a new link after the 9:00 am and 9:00 pm resets.

The cooldown timer is triggered when the relevant link is created, I'm assuming based on the "use trade ability" tag.

The cooldown timer does NOT indicate the ability is not available. It is still available once, as indicated by the description.

When in doubt, bounce the marks a second time with fresh links on each end.

I was able to confirm this does work, in spite of the timers incorrectly leading one to believe the ability is on cooldown.

I hope that helps.

8/19/2018 4:21:19 PM #2

Edited slightly for clarity

8/19/2018 5:32:31 PM #3

I did do a bounce with a friend, and nothing happened.

After the cooldowns should have gone away, they were immediately back, for 8, 12 and 24 hours respectively. Fortunately they all cleared at the 9am reset.

Most distressing was the instant cooldown. I had not used my 3rd instant ability of the day, sicne it was always incooldown, it would not let me click. The new cooldown kept me from using it an hour before the system reset.

I understand about making links and how that affects your Passive ability (the trade ability seems to work as soon as you use it, as I verified after the reset) but the instant should not be affected by your making links or trading.

There is definately a bug here.

The Plague Doctor is OUT

You had the illness, we worked on a cure.

Hoping to see you all soon

8/19/2018 6:20:27 PM #4

My instants have been working fine, it's the passive and trade abilities I've had to work around by bouncing with new links created after the reset. Sometimes an older link works, but most of the time I need a new one.

I can't think of a workaround for the instants, other than to use them if they are up before trying to trade or make new links.

8/19/2018 7:42:47 PM #5

Anyone else having problems with the cooldowns displaying when they should not, or acting weird in general?

8/22/2018 8:16:27 PM #6

We aren't experiencing any issues with cool downs for the event at this time.

If you don't refresh the page, often things won't appear as they should. We have also seen issues when folks have connection problems or are using an incompatible browser.

The vast majority of those participating in this event are not experiencing this issue.

Timers are global, they don't affect players individually. If a timer was broken for one person, it would be broken for everyone.

Additionally I am a Sage and am able to use my instant ability every time the cool down arrives, but sometimes if I am on mobile I have to login again or refresh the page.

I hope this helps, but if you still feel there is an issue, please email us more details to [email protected]

Thank you!

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