To many plague tokens


I'm a baron and 2 hours ago i had 4 plague tokens. So i traded with somebody and his abilitys deleted those 4 plague tokens. Now, after the ast reset 24 minutes ago, i have 3 plague tokens all of a sudden. Now i think that this is a bug, could you please look into it? Thanks

greetings Yanga

8/25/2018 8:27:15 AM #1

This could very well be a bug, however, I'd like you to look into something:

There are items that may be causing you to get extra plague tokens such as the Deviant Package, this will cause you to gain extra plague every 24-hour reset.

You may have had some trades up somewhere to take plague maybe? Make sure that you check your trades, your abilities, and your items for any extra plague generation you may be making.

If you're still confused about the extra reply so that I can see if it can be looked into more!

8/27/2018 11:24:09 AM #2

well, i don't have the deviant kit, so i don'z get extra plagie from it.

Items i have so far are headstone, Physician Set, Song Birds and Missionary Supplies. Maybe the missionary removes those 3 plague and gives them to me instead of deleting it? Would be kinda strange tho. What was even more strange, 2 hours after i wrote here, those 3 plague tokens were gone and i had 3 additional purity instead.

I'm sure that no trade happened during that time - but to be 100% sure i also changed my password on that day.

But i encontered another issue. When i traded with a friend of mine yesterday to get rid of 6 plague from me and 2 of his side (he is undertaker) one of my plague tokens remained, though the guide says it should remove 4 per action.

8/30/2018 1:41:52 AM #3

The most it would remove is up to a maximum of 5 from you.

9/5/2018 5:35:10 PM #4

We're not aware of any bug, but if you feel that is still the case, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you.

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