The J E Tavern (name is secret until we open) Music, Food, Drink, Roleplay (optional), Events, and More!

The J E Tavern (name is secret until we open)

Server: NA-EAST (Luna) Kingdom: Bordweall Duchy: Tenebrae County: Shade Settlement: Kadeir Taliesin

The J E Tavern Is planned to be a bustling hub of activity. Here there will be good food, good drink, roleplaying (optional), Events such as chess tournaments with prizes, Musical performances, adventures and poetry to read and perform, a newspaper and more!

Also please take this content lightly as this is all planning. I do not know what the game will be like when exposition hits, so things may change.

We are located in the settlement of Kadeir Taliesin, in the county of Shade, in the duchy of Tenebrae, in the kingdom of Bordweall.

Roleplay Nights

There will be Roleplay nights where the main focus is Tavern Roleplay. Non-roleplay is allowed but not encouraged on Roleplay nights. In these we may host events, have bards play and perform stories, and other such things.

Food and Drink

We will have plenty of good food and drink to go around. We do need Waiters, Chefs, Hosts, and bartenders for the restaurant.


We will have events such as chess tournaments, game tournaments, shows and performances, music, bands, and other things. We also may have battle of the bands. We will need performers for the tavern such as musicians, bands, speakers (speakers can basically talk to the tavern about anything interesting, a story, poetry, philosophical thought, anything interesting really!), and plain event staff to help run events.

The Band

We will also be forming a band. I compose music for fun In Real Life, so I hope to compose a good amount of songs to play in the tavern in general and at concerts. We need members for the band so we can play. Being musically inclined is a plus but not needed. Also being able to compose original songs would be a plus too if you do that so we can play your songs as well.


We will also be selling things such as books and artwork. We will sell books of all sorts. Fiction, poetry, philosophical, guides, etc.

The Newspaper

We plan on having a newspaper based here! Hopefully we can put a lot of content into each issue so it will be a good read! We will need Newspaper writers to help get content for the paper! It will be a paper made up of thoughts, ideas, poetry, stories, news, interviews, and various other articles. Anyone will be able to contribute, though we will not put everything we receive into an issue. If you want to regularly contribute to the paper, you can be part of our newspaper crew. You would have a section in each issue for whatever it is you are writing.


We also plan on having a lot more happen! If you are interested in any of this and/or want a position, please Send me a message or go to our discord (link in my signature). The Discord will just be a place where people can talk, play games together while we wait for COE, and a place to see everyone joining in the Tavern.

Thank you and I hope you decide to visit!

"Everything you think you know is in what you believe." ~Sofetios

The J E Tavern thread:

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8/30/2018 11:33:17 PM #1

looks like a fun little thing

8/30/2018 11:48:29 PM #2

I like it will go great with my settlement (Kadeir Taliesin) indeed.

Mayor of Kadeir Taliesin

County of Shade and Redwald
Kingdom of Bordweall(NA-E)
8/30/2018 11:56:25 PM #3

Sounds like a good and interesting place!

8/31/2018 2:35:48 PM #4

Thank you everyone for the feedback!

"Everything you think you know is in what you believe." ~Sofetios

The J E Tavern thread:

The J E Tavern Discord:

8/3/2019 10:24:29 PM #5

We are back! We will be running again soon.

"Everything you think you know is in what you believe." ~Sofetios

The J E Tavern thread:

The J E Tavern Discord:

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