County Development Contest

Contest is over! Winners will be announced in the following days so stay tuned.

The Premise

Although I have the basic ideas of what I want my county to be -- I'm struggling with feeling uninspired. Moving houses has taken my creativity and slam dunked it straight into the trash.

Not wanting to fall behind with recruitment or fleshing out this as-of-yet-unnamed county, I've decided to host a contest. It's a multi-faceted competition with several prizes that will be listed down below. Although I'm ideally looking for a second in command/right hand here, you don't have to commit to this country to win /every/ prize.

The Prizes

For the Winning Write up: A Bloodline package or $135 USD worth of items from the merchandise store.

Runner up for the Write up: 20 USD worth of items from the Merchandise Store.

For the Winning Name Suggestion: An Elyrian package or $45 USD worth of items from the Merchandise Store.

For the Winning Advisor Application: A Mayor package or 300 USD worth of items from the Merchandise Store.

The Rules

  1. This is a roleplay heavy County and so the write up must be believably based in CoE lore and thematic.

  2. Please, please be original in your suggestions and entries. If it's found that you copied or stole from any other media, you will be disqualified and banned from future contests run by me.

  3. Do not harass or bother any other entrants.

  4. You can enter any combination or all of the contests. By that measure, it is possible for one person to win all three prizes.

  5. All entries must be submitted via a post on this thread or a private message to this account. The submission deadline is 9/17/2018 at 11:59 pm CST.

  6. I reserve the right to refuse all advisor applications if I don't find a good fit. The other two prizes will be for sure given out at the contest's win. If no fitting advisor is found, that contest and prize will be reopened.

The Requirements

For the Write Up

---1. Must be at least 100 words in length. You can and are encouraged to go past that suggestion.

---2. Must include a description of the County's land that establishes theme and paints a mental picture for the reader. (Think dark, shady forests and a lot of standing/running water. With a lot of shrines/religious imagery for the Two-fold queen/Al'tifali religion)

---3. Must show off the County's focus on trade and economic niche of breeding animals fit for war. Other popular trades include alchemy, farming, and religious art.

--4. Must keep in mind that the County lies within the Blackheart Kingdom's borders.

For the Name Suggestions

---1. Must keep the theme in mind.

---2. Must not be a rip off of existing media.

---3. Must be RP friendly.

For Advisor Applications

---1. Must have or be willing to make a discord account.

---2. Must be committed to joining the county and being active within the community.

---3. Must be a role-player.

---4. Must be willing to have a brief interview/chat with me over discord voice to see if we mesh well.

---5. Must fill out this form and PM it to me.


OOC Name:

Discord Name:



Roleplaying Experience:

Character Name:

Character Age:

Character Personality:

Rough Character Pitch: I.E. General concept, history, and how they came to be advisor.

Rough Idea for Your Town:


I need a name and write up for my county! You can win prizes for providing both. On top of that, I'm looking for a good second-in-command. If you think you fit that role, apply and win a prize along with extra perks.

Feel free to PM me or post in this thread if you have any questions!

9/4/2018 9:05:31 PM #1

hum hum hum~~ peeking

9/6/2018 9:11:15 PM #2

Clarifying since I got a few questions on it! You do not have to be from NA-W or join my county in order to suggestion a name or participate in the write up!

Only those joining the Advisor contest are required to be NA-W.

9/7/2018 12:21:51 AM #3

How do we keep the theme in mind for title suggestions? Do you mean the fact that it's roleplay heavy? Nothing else was mentioned from what I can see.

9/10/2018 6:30:45 AM #4

I got this! Good luck to everyone and thanks for hosting this contest!

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9/15/2018 4:41:02 PM #5

Posted By Quenya at 8:21 PM - Thu Sep 06 2018

How do we keep the theme in mind for title suggestions? Do you mean the fact that it's roleplay heavy? Nothing else was mentioned from what I can see.

Sorry for taking five ever to get back to you -- moving houses has eaten my time. But yeah, just keep the fact that it's RP-heavy in mind with name suggestions. Sometimes people have suggested like pop-culture references for names or stuff like that and I'd like to avoid that as it doesn't fit the lore.

9/17/2018 10:13:51 AM #6

So, this is what I've gotten for you. The ** are where you can put the names of whichever breed you would like to trade most, and Sagotair is the name I came up with for the county. Anyway, hope you like it, and that moving house has gone well for you.

Nestled in the valley between two of Blackhearts highest peaks, Sagotair is renowned for its prosperity and trade. That is, the trade of the beasts of war- *. Situated next to the duchy of Duskforge as it is, the county is in the unique position to be one of the leading suppliers of this essential war resource. Due to the early conditioning, alkemical enhancements, and hardy environment, the * supplied by Sagotair’s breeders are of the highest standard and unrivalled in their quality. This is not to say these are the only mounts bred here, but just the most renowned. Sagotair also makes its mark in its strong agricultural trading, with many rare and expensive alkemical ingredients grown in Sagotair’s wide and diverse forests. The melts from the mountains in the valley surrounding Sagotair provide some of the most ferocious and dangerous rivers known to the Blackheart kingdom, and the wide, oftentimes impenetrable forests provide defence from scouting and attack from several fronts. Due to the natural defences of the forests, rivers and swathes of swamp at the southern end of the valley, the people of Sagotair have built a trading empire based on socio-economic stability, as their natural defences always leave them untouched by war. The history of Sagotair demonstrates the populace’s ability to adapt and thrive in their unique environment, as fields grown within the borders of the forests supply some of the most essential and rare agricultural products known to the Blackheart kingdom. The strong belief in Al'tifali is spread throughout the county, located below rivers and atop trees, in dark caves and in bright glades, these extreme places of worship are meant to show how the people of Sagotair abandon social and religious conventions to pursue their praise of the Two-Fold Queen.

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9/17/2018 4:22:48 PM #7

County Name suggestion: Sterling

Why Sterling? The citizens of Sterling County have a saying: "Our hearts bleed silver." The county thrives off of trade, and is full of wealth, whether you be a merchant trading goods or other services. There's also said to be a local silver mine, which the county is famous for. It's said that the mine never runs out and is abundant in silver. If you hear the saying: "Our hearts bleed silver," it could be seen as a sign of greeting or welcome from a friendly merchant of Sterling. Also, they refer to hearts as themselves or as citizens of the Queen Rowena. And when they say "bleed silver," they may refer to wealth, a common interest, or war trade.

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9/17/2018 5:53:00 PM #8

I'll post here just in case. Wish you the best with the move in.

“A County?” A young man muses.

He rides his horse into what he thinks, despite what his map says, is a wilderness. Dark forests meet his eyes, lined with all sorts of eyes that watch him from afar. The sun attempts in vain to break through the trees, and at first he hears only the rustling of the leaves, the fighting of small mammals, and the fluttering of bird’s wings. Soon, he hears the torrent of running water, drowning out all else as he forces his fearful steed across.

He goes for miles, and the scene and situation is the same. And yet, when he knows he should feel fearful, he starts to see the beauty. The intermittent streams of light fill him with hope. The animals running around him become a source of both amusement and wonder, as he had never seen such strange creatures in his homeland in the Mountains. And the streams and lakes! Like jagged scars the streams winded across the land, only converging in lakes that glimmered in the sunlight like gold and silver.

He had gone through his share of settlements by this point, each with something unique to call their own. He had found that the people here were unusually cultured - each settlement, from a simple town to a towering, walled city, had a church. And what splendor he beheld at the behest of these churches. Even the smallest of them dedicated to the Two-Fold Queen had beautiful art, surely crafted by hand and painted with colorful radiance. He saw depictions of Blackheart’s past, of War Trisons leaping through green forests and emerald streams, of horses feeding on the forest edge. Likewise, he saw war, famine, and disease. But always he saw the Two-Fold Queen above it all, her hands in everything, creating balance in all things.

Despite these images of war, the people here were not militaristic. The man had observed the thrifty and hardworking nature of these people. Farmers toiled in the fields, with even old men and women working alongside their children in the fields which they had owned themselves. His horse, then old, had died. He had bought a new steed - one that was strong and capable. He saw all sorts of animals being bred, from otterbears to horses, and even War Trisons in the larger baronies and towns. Sometimes he would even have the pleasure to see such mounts being trained outside of the confines of the town. Young otterbears would play instead of listen, and Trisons would start to sleep despite the crying out of their riders.

Eventually, he made it to the capital. He was not disappointed.

Walls stretched from the gloom of the forests into the sky as mountains do from the lands below. Buildings in all shapes and sizes fit within, with all manner of folk walking, talking, and working, each with their purpose in mind. The roads were wide, accommodating the animal breeders which traveled in and out of the city, hoping to sell their strong animals of war. The chapel to the Two-Fold Queen was magnificent, with the doors kept open for the amount of people coming in and out daily to pray. The streets themselves looked old and worn, yet strong and durable. The market was filled with the sounds of traders, animals, and signs varying from grain and meats to alchemy and religious icons.

Old monuments and structures within the city, which was built along a river, told the man that this city seemed to predate the Kingdom itself, built during the Golden Days of the Collective Alliance.

One of these buildings was a grand manor, which matched the splendor of one belonging to the ruling class. Surely this is the Count’s residence.

He soon figures out the name of the City from a citizen. He is not surprised that it shares the name of the County.

It used to be called Bulbuculum, due to the people’s insistence on breeding animals. However, when the surrounding area became a County, they chose a new name.

Esquilón*, the City of Bells.

To this day, the County of Esquilón stands as the source of many animals of war, icons of the Al'tifali Faith, and a center of trade and commerce in the region.

*Esquilón: Large bell worn by cattle.

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9/17/2018 7:22:12 PM #9

Nice entries so far! Keep in mind that today is the contests last day!

Name and write up prizes will be given out on the 19th (By that evening!) and the Advisor will be chosen on the 20th-21st since I got a huge last minute influx on those apps via PM and I've got to get through interviewing all of you.

9/17/2018 10:43:11 PM #10

good luck to everyone and looking forward to see the winning write up sure it will be awesome

9/18/2018 5:21:44 AM #11

Contest is over! Winners will be announced in the following days so stay tuned.

9/19/2018 9:37:08 PM #12

For the Winning Write up: Will be decided by tomorrow!

Runner up for the Write up: Will be decided by tomorrow!

For the Winning Name Suggestion: A tie! Too many good names imo! I'll be using one for my County and one for my town. Endeavor's suggestion of Esquilón and RainofNight's suggestion of Adrasteia were what caught my eye. (Will be contacting you guys as we speak.)

For the Winning Advisor Application: We have a tie! Grig and Kastivi have both been gifted a mayor package and formally appointed as my advisors!

9/19/2018 9:51:27 PM #13

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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9/20/2018 2:20:32 AM #14

For the Winning Write up: Endeavor again!

Runner up for the Write up: Grig!

It was tough to choose tbh!

9/20/2018 3:19:54 AM #15

Thank you very much!

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