Gaiscioch Magazine - CoE Cover


Check it out everyone. It covers a lot about the game. Great job to the creator and I'm glad CoE is getting more publicity.

2/29/2016 8:39:03 PM #1

Very cool. Its so exiting with small companies like Soulbound studios, seeing there fame increase as more and more place are recognizing CoE as a ground breaking game.

2/29/2016 8:42:53 PM #2

Wonderful read, and very informative.

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2/29/2016 8:46:56 PM #3

Very well put together article. Lots of info too. Not much in the vein of new stuff for the older members but it's still very cool to see all images and the passion.

2/29/2016 8:49:51 PM #4

Soulbound Studios will snowball it's way to prominence.

2/29/2016 8:53:06 PM #5

very good article, and for the people that never heard of CoE it will makes a good impression of the game

2/29/2016 9:50:19 PM #6

Nice read!

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2/29/2016 10:17:37 PM #7

Thanks for the love, everyone :) Make sure to spread it around by letting people know.



2/29/2016 11:46:03 PM #8

They did an awesome job! Can't wait to see CoE in future magazines!

2/29/2016 11:54:26 PM #9

Slowly, it keeps building fame, and soon, fortune!

3/1/2016 12:17:20 AM #10

Congratz! is this coe's first magazine?

3/1/2016 12:36:18 AM #11

Yep. First real interview about the game, and first cover.

3/1/2016 12:52:58 AM #12

Looks good. Have to ask though...who's referral code was that on the Ad? Someone will get a jump in IP for sure.

3/1/2016 6:40:51 AM #13

Looks Great! :D

3/1/2016 6:48:38 AM #14

A great read and I absolutely adore how their font & the spread of the magazine for the section on CoE looked.

3/1/2016 8:14:55 AM #15

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Ever since I laid eyes on CoE I thought to myself, whatever it takes, I need to interview these people! That tiny post they made about death in COE convinced me hell or high water I had to get them on the cover of our magazine. It's so refreshing seeing a small developer dare to do something different. Dare to Dream. Dare to Succeed. I am confident that CoE is going to be one of those games that changes the course of gaming.

As for the referral code, that's a code so they can tell who signs up after reading our mag :) Not sure who exactly gets credit for it :D

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