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I am just wondering if there will be any support ingame that shows an average price of an item.

I know that CoE style doesn't need to do so.

But I get concerned for the early stages of the game. If you only know a small amount items connected to your profession. How can you have any minimal knowledge about all the other items or their rarity?

Ofc its nearly impossible to indicate an average because even currency would be playerbased.

Does SbS offer us a site to convert apples to horses? :)

Or is everything in community hand?

I really like the idea..but in early stages it will be hard/interesting. Maybe a website owner can manipulate market prices....


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10/4/2018 2:38:33 PM #1

Pretty sure this won't really be a thing, at least in an official capacity. The entire point is that players set prices, based around supply and demand. If you live in an area with lots of horses, horses will be cheaper, because they are easier to find. It wouldn't make sense for someone to bring up a web page and say "well across the continent horses are being sold for 4x the price, therefore I'm going to sell you this horse for that same price".

Regardless, due to the nature of gaming and the internet, someone is going to do this, in an unofficial capacity. My hope is that it doesn't break the immersion of the game too much.

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10/4/2018 3:27:13 PM #2

having mapped prices will help traders a lot... so I guess, every good trader will have a map with prices for several goods^^

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10/4/2018 3:52:45 PM #3

I highly anticipate this to be done outside the game. I am sure there will end up being a "trading" site that addresses lots of things like this.


10/4/2018 3:55:48 PM #4

Posted By Marovec at 08:52 AM - Thu Oct 04 2018

I highly anticipate this to be done outside the game. I am sure there will end up being a "trading" site that addresses lots of things like this.

For sure, flashbacks to Eve and Elite Dangerous. Im sure it wont be long till trading prices are all mapped out on a fun site were you can plan a course. It will all be personal preference as to whether or not you "break immersion" and use it but such is the life of online games.

10/4/2018 4:05:50 PM #5

While I’m fairly certain there will never be anything official along these lines I would bet my county someone will either make a 3rd party Ap (depending on the EULA) or someone will have a database available online of current pricing.

Entirely too easy to gouge and game the system otherwise. Yes buyer beware is the name of the game in CoE but with travel being difficult it’s not feesible to travel from town to town to price check on your own.

10/4/2018 4:28:37 PM #6

Well we know they will be tracking it behind the scenes. So that the AI an items worth. Otherwise how can know an AI know how to price their own wares, and what to ask for when they are buying things, ect

But as to whether that data will be presented to the player. I doubt it.

but yeah I agree with above. If they don't offer it natively in game.

there will be multiple third party websites and apps setup to handle it. Over time the bulk of the people will end up using only 1 or 2 of those. and the rest being private exchanges.

Just like in past games like eve (well eve does this pretty well now as far as whats on the market currently) and elite dangerous. and other MMOS that didn't have an auction house baked in.

10/4/2018 4:39:31 PM #7

I agree that there will be an out of game tool that facilitates exactly that, since it is a definite necessity. To plug my own project a little, I am personally working on exactly that, a digital marketplace.

As others have mentioned, it didn't take long for something like eve-central to pop up in EVE Online. Another game like Mortal Online has the exact same thing, since no supporting in-game features are to be found.

I think it's something the players will have to entirely manage on our own. It's also a perfect opportunity for the players to foster trade relationships at the same time.

I hope SbS will help us making out-of-game tools such as this with an open API that lets us gather information automatically. If not, we'll have to resort to the same way that eve-central did it, for example by running a simple background program while playing the game, that would automatically send back prices to the website while browsing the in-game market.

If we're lucky, SbS will make a third-party authenticator that allows external tools such as my own to login people based on their CoE "persona". That would be hella' awesome, allowing third party tools to tie into your current CoE identity.


10/4/2018 4:56:52 PM #8

In Albion online people where doing this online spead sheet for prices. The author eventually gave up. So I ended up having to do that myself with an alt naked character that went to various markets to figure out how to make 20% or more each run.

10/4/2018 5:33:36 PM #9

If you want to go around town and gather that data on a regular basis, I'm sure one of your local scribes would be willing to publish it - for a fee.

10/4/2018 6:00:50 PM #10

As BlankWindow indicated, the NPCs will likely have most reliable info for your local business area. I would feel it will be a safe assumption that in most counties and duchies the PC traders are outnumbered by the NPC traders. So, if you wish to know your local, immersive business options, go check your competition in the field. Eventually players may tilt average pricing to different levels as a consequence of server-/kingdomwide-meta-gaming-game so many here refer to, but you'll probably notice trends both in-game and in your ooc chat platforms for your county-duchy. For buyers the same holds, and I like to repeat that remark by Malais: "Buyer beware!". So bottom line to me will be that the best support I can get is probably by spending time with the people (mostly NPCs) who are affecting my business (both as seller and buyer) in my local area market place.

10/4/2018 7:28:22 PM #11

This goes against the entire design. NPC's might name you a price, but otherwise, barter & bargain.

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10/4/2018 11:02:20 PM #12

I believe there is an appraisal skill in game that could reference such information, or feed you the wrong information if your skill is lacking.

10/4/2018 11:50:32 PM #13

Posted By Lady IvyWood at 4:02 PM - Thu Oct 04 2018

I believe there is an appraisal skill in game that could reference such information, or feed you the wrong information if your skill is lacking.

Every character in the game can inspect and appraise an item. However, the information returned as a result of that action depends on the knowledge and skills the character possesses. Among that knowledge is knowledge of market conditions, which can grow "stale" if you haven't been looking at the wares and prices offered by other merchants.

One thing that's going to confound at least the early attempt to build market sites is the variability of items. It's much easier to model a global market when a sword is the same the world over, but in CoE, a sword's properties and its quality depend more on the crafter that made it and how it was made, meaning there is no real "standard" for a sword. That will get data-mined out eventually, but that will still leave you with the problem of having to assess the item being presented to you at the moment.

Essentially, given a little time the community will start posting market indices which will help in planning trade routes, but that's only going to do part of the job for you.

Hope that helps! :)

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10/5/2018 5:02:25 AM #14

I think NPCs will make the market more or less stable. They are supposed to vastly outnumber players and if every player is selling X ore for 100g but NPCs are selling at 10g, the players wont really have a choice but to swap. Now the tricky part is going to me in really small settlements where their might only be 1 vendor of a given trade, then they control the towns market.

Honestly though, I hope the mentioned appraisal skill will at least give you a ballpark for those situations because although everyone thinks they want a completely player controlled economy, you are going to uninstall when a blade of grass costs 10m gold.

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10/5/2018 6:36:32 AM #15

If I desire to go farther in my trade, I'll likely have a spread sheet written or hire people to report prices over discord with in game currency.

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