[Sticky] Tribe Armor Concept: Dras Light Armor

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Last week's Kypiq Light Armor got many a cosplay enthusiast's heart thumping and others thinking seriously about life in the trees.

This week, as we anticipate the approach of The Eye, it makes sense to share some armor in one of the tribes devoted to the Two-Fold Queen: the Dras.

The Swamp is home to a variety of creatures with thick hides adapted for water exposure. This means that the Dras have sturdy, yet malleable leathers in ready supply.

It is not in the Drasean nature to parade about with gaudy ornamentation - a prideful trait the Janoa relish. Instead, the Dras prefer to dress drably and express their joie de vivre through deeds of compassion and selflessness. The dense foliage of their home biome further demands that their gear be smooth, lest it catch on everything as they slink through the swamp.

This concept sculpt helped to explore semi-rigid and tightly-bound, fitted armor. Unlike many other tribes, thick padding is eschewed in favor of sleeker forms. This isn't a problem because it is the Dras's preference to not engage in direct combat but, rather, to let the toxic hazards of the swamp fell their enemies without a fight.

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They would need a very open faced helmet, as they would need to see enemies from afar, respond to sound (order to attack or retreat, and orders from the enemy to advance or retreat) and watch their step in the swamp (difficult terrain). Please consider open faced helmets like the Greek Boeotian or Thracian Helmets.

I think part of this begs the questions of how do the Dras traditionally conduct their battles, and exactlu how dense are the swamps? Firstly, this face guard does not impede sound; the back sides of the head are left fully open. Signal sounds and such should work fine. If the swamp has any moderate level of floral cover, be it trees, bushes or irregular terrain, visual queues are most likely not a primary form of vital communication.

But flora density in the swamps... if the player can theoretically maneuver through thick vegetation, perhaps crawling, or maybe (given familiarity) moving at quick speeds, a more open-faced design would leave the face unprotected from thorned or otherwise painful vegetation. A helmet with larger open spaces also leave more room for getting snagged by an errant vine or branches.

I was wrong when I thought the facemask was a full helmet instead. This is apologize.

Indeed sound would be less of an issue here. However, vision is still very very important, as you are a skirmishing troop, needing to hit-and-run and fight from afar. Having as unobstructed a view as possible with good peripheral vision is vital. Also helps you to navigate through difficult terrain.

Don't think thorns or scratches from vegetation would be an issue. Even if so, a forward facing brim (like a baseball cap or a bonnet that women used to wear in Europe) could do the job, and still give you unobstructed vision.

Add a terrifying mask from the nose down and you have the scary boogymen that is the Dras warrior.

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I love both the look and the philosophy behind it.

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