Hello all! Is there such a thing as a Cartographers guild on this server? I will be looking to travel and create maps and the like.

10/13/2018 5:58:21 PM #1

Join the Duchy of Anor in the Demalion Empire, and me and a few other hunters/explorers will gladly accompany you while you're mapping our magnificent realm!

Guilds can be set up at any time. First get some numbers and a comfortable feel in a group of friendly folk.

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While not primarily a cartographers guild only, Crimson Adventurers are always looking for cartographers among other adventurers, feel free to hop by our discord

10/13/2018 9:29:57 PM #3

Mistoy, I imagine that as your skills in map making increase you won't have much trouble finding work even as a traveler. Merchants will always be looking for maps to suppliers/customers, and title holders will need to stay current on changing settlements. Adventurers will want maps to wild lands and deep caves. Since landscapes/settlements/roads will change slowly, I would think you wouldn't want to be around too many map makers as it would lower the value of your work. Either way, I hope you find a place you love and can prosper in and a group of friends to travel with.

10/13/2018 10:19:35 PM #4

I think most communities at this time are looking for cartographers.

If you're looking into ordinance survey style cartography more than civilian mapping my duchy is essentially a stratocracy so we'll always have work for you.

Coming Soon(tm)

10/15/2018 10:22:18 AM #5

Thank you for your kind and informative responses. I'm looking at something that will facilitate my love of creating maps and my sense of exploration and adventure so I have a fair bit more reading up to do. I think I will need to look at the various kingdoms for a base.

11/16/2018 6:30:20 PM #6


It's a guild operating on discord to give every cartographer a good education

House Pyrros

11/16/2018 6:32:08 PM #7

Trust the Ogre! Anor needs you!

11/22/2018 12:31:28 PM #8

In the event our Cartographer's have missed it, there's a Store Promotion running until the 30th November.

Alas, I'm on the fence about the wagon, how awful would it be to lose it on your first outing!

Cartographer's Kit

Cartographer's Kit

Map the world and return to civilization to share what you've learned... for a price!

The Cartographer's Kit contains everything you need to get started as a Cartographer, from the basic supplies of map making, to the tools of the explorer!


  • Scroll Case is capable of containing up to 12 large parchments. The Scroll Case can be placed in a pack or worn on a belt.
  • Ink vials contain one blue, one brown, one black, one green, and one red
  • Codex of basic cartography techniques known as On Drawing Elyria

Purchasing this kit will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality (except where noted) items from a vendor in-game:

  • Scroll Case x 1
  • Blank large parchments x 12
  • Ink vials x 5
  • Silver quill nibs x 5
  • Compass (Artisan-quality) x 1
  • Spyglass (Artisan-quality) x 1
  • Weatherized messenger's bag x 1
  • Codex of techniques x 1

Vardo Wagon

Vardo Wagon

If life on the road calls to your soul, then look no further than a vardo!

This wagon can house a small troupe and their supplies, as well as provide a place to display and sell your crafted wares. Just try not to make your unfettered life on the road seem too desirable or you may find yourself with extra mouths to feed. Out on the road, you will not incur fatigue while camping in or near the vardo.

The vardo is a heavy-weight vehicle and can be pulled by a large-sized animal or a pair of medium-sized animals.


Wagon's interior.


Vardo wagon opened for business.

Sir Ersmont, of the fallen House Lagarde. Cartographer and explorer extraordinaire. Join him in his ignoble quest to sire heirs in the twelve tribes.

12/17/2018 2:33:04 PM #9

Scholars guild im running welcomes cartographers too

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