Transient failure

so am trying to upgrade my pledge to proprietor (from bloodline). i enter all the information and everything and i press continue to be redirected into the final check out. then i get this message “1.0.298Transient failure.Transient failure.UXP”


10/24/2018 7:28:21 PM #1

Only hint I can give is if you are using your card, call your bank real quick.

Xsoll and my bank did not get along the first time or so, I had to teach my bank to stop rejecting them before things went through reliably.

10/24/2018 8:23:26 PM #2

Hmmm. Ill check them out. Thx.

10/29/2018 12:42:00 PM #3

I was able to get the problem fixed. If a mod would be as kind as to close this thread i would appreciate it. And thx @Labbe for ur insight on the matter. Much appreciated.

10/29/2018 1:00:30 PM #4

If you'd like to get the post closed or removed you can click the "report" function on your original post ^.^

10/29/2018 1:22:46 PM #5

I'd say more useful to leave the post here (maybe locked?) if it was a bank issue, that way others can benefit.

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