PrElyria Pictures/Gifs from Discord

Hello there! For those who can not attend the Discord at all times, I wanted to share some WIP(Work In Progress) Screenshots and gifs of PrElyria shared by none other than Jörmungandr the great!

Pre-Alpha / Prelyria footage! Very much a work-in-progress! Contains temporary assets!

A quote from him jörmungandr 04/11/2018 at 01:08 currently they're splines for coloring the terrain and painting down paths, I haven't enabled those otherwise the ground would be brown. NPC's do use splines for pathing also, as well as nav mesh which is a giant green... well here I'll show you All of that neon green is walkable

jörmungandr 04/11/2018 at 01:16 we're also working on combat again, but that is a whole lot less polished... still it's really fun to whack the crap out of the guards. We had a bug last thursday where the guards walked around town slaughtering the NPC's that I had placed. ha ! The physics volumes on the players hasn't been created so it's default, body parts go flying, they turn to jello... it's pretty horrific when you're just trying to check the placement of crates and heads go rolling past

jörmungandr 04/11/2018 at 01:25 all of that is very unpolished and about 90% temp animations, about the only thing I'm happy with is the regular jog

jörmungandr 04/11/2018 at 01:37 Yeah, as fun as PE style is, it's not sticking around for final release. It's fun, looks nice and lets us prototype quickly but there is a lot of info and systems that need to exist on the material/shader layer that are pretty critical to making key systems function. PE can't really pull that off with flat colors. This last image is from the Mixed Leaf Forest, and it was shown during the Town Crier last week by Caspian!

Enjoy! I know I was certainly surprised and happy to see them, so I wanted to share with you folks on the forums :)

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11/4/2018 7:17:07 AM #1

Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing.

11/4/2018 7:17:54 AM #2

i would 1000% just play with Pre-elyria i love it so much

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11/4/2018 8:01:14 AM #3

This looks a lot better than VoxElyria tbh.

11/4/2018 8:04:09 AM #4

Thanks for sharing SirApetus!

Would be nice if they ended up in #Media so there's a higher chance the Wiki team notices them too. In this case I don't think we should include them on the Wiki page for Prelyria, as they're not shared in sufficiently easily referable and traceable official outlets.

Can't help thinking of how amazingly this already looks like a finished game I'd love to play. Need to repeat my earlier suggestion regarding the option for players on old systems to use this as their default graphics for Elyria. From the quote included above I deduct it will not be possible. Too bad.

Edit: Thanks Ikkerens for adding the three GIFs to the #Media channel. Those are now available on the Prelyria page of the Wiki. Thanks Balevyne for helping out as well.

11/4/2018 8:12:52 AM #5

I would totally play that just to fight the guards.

11/4/2018 8:43:01 AM #6

Wow, thanks for sharing these. I don't always go back and search through what I kiss each evening so this is appreciated. And dang, these are looking pretty.

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11/4/2018 8:53:04 AM #7

Thanks for sharing!

11/4/2018 9:51:01 AM #8

Finally SOMETHING of noteworthyness...

still no MMO, but at least there is a basis for a game now :D as far as I know this is the very first confirmation, that there is actually a game in development :D

What I would REALLY like is the server stability.

Those are nice... but how will this go when there are multiple people on the server, squared over 50km²? I know I'm asking a bit much here... but the game was SUPPOSED to be in alpha since last year. Not hating :D I would just love to see that there is an actual mmo going and not just some screenshots.

Also interactivity (like building a house, carrying items and so on) would be very nice to see, as that is one of the features I really look foreward, because it has never been done before (always with seperated instances, but if you build something in elyria, everyone will see it...)

11/4/2018 10:01:44 AM #9

Holy!! I was absolutely shocked when I saw this on discord, this looks so much better than anything we could have expected. I can't wait to see more of this type of stuff. This is the kind of content that gets the community hyped.


11/4/2018 10:54:24 AM #10

Thank you for sharing it SirApetus!

11/4/2018 11:26:47 AM #11

i love this art style, its all looking fantastic. That desert structure built out of the rock looks so cool. I cant wait to see more

11/4/2018 12:36:48 PM #12

That looks totally awesome. Hopefully the terrain comes without any border system, so the pallisades could even be set in the water. Waiting for the taiga/mountain terrains!

11/4/2018 12:57:46 PM #13

Thank you SirApetus!

Stuff like this WiP does more to build the hype (and confidence) for me than any of the armor concepts or renders... there's a world out there, and we're finally seeing it!

More please :)

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11/4/2018 2:00:38 PM #14

I nominate this as the new format for the weekly shinies. :)

11/4/2018 2:58:36 PM #15

omg. I really like it. I would not mind if this was the final look of the game. :D But I really appreciate that we can finally see a few seconds of gameplay. Would you mind making a video of about 2-3 minutes long, showing off? I guess you would. :/ But this really feels good to watch. The game seems so smooth and responsive. I like it.

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