The Goldborn Clan

The Goldborn Clan are an Adventurer's Guild that plans to go out and explore the world, look for ancient ruins with powerful artifacts, gigantic libraries with forgotten knowledge and look for the very wonders of the world.

We are a sisterclan of the Bloodborn Clan and will work closely together with them during times of war etc. Our forces will be the main Archers and Ranged combatants of the County. This does not mean we completely neglect melee combat but the focus will lie heavily on ranged combat. Everyone can join who is looking to get into the skills involving the roles below. These roles will be assigned to members when they leave for an exploring expidition.

Cartographers / Scribe: They will join the parties and map all the unexplored terrain we explore, record any data they might find from ancient books, etc. (Skills: Calligraphy, Cartography)

Survivalists: They're there to make sure the party gets to where they should be and back again in one piece. (Skills: Forestry, First Aid, Hunting, Wayfinding)

Bodyguards: Members who will be focusing on combat are most likely to be bodyguards of the party, considering that most places we'll be going aren't safe. The main focus will be ranged combat however melee combat training will be offered as well.

NOTE: Every member shall get a combat training! We offer all the different kinds of ranged weapons and some degree of melee weapons and unarmed combat.

Hit me up if you're interested in joining and I'll invite you to the Discord Channel and set up for an interview!

Friend Code: B6D2D4

11/15/2018 11:30:57 PM #1

Hey, Looking forward to being The GM for The Goldborn Clan! To anyone who is interested in exploring, survival and primarily ranged combat; feel free to leave a reply!

11/16/2018 6:56:30 PM #2

Hi! May I ask where your headquarters will be located, or if you're still looking for a place?

House Storm

11/20/2018 7:28:26 PM #3

Our HQ is in the City of Everbloom, County of Skelanos, Al-K :)

Friend Code: B6D2D4

6/17/2019 3:44:21 PM #4

Our HQ by now has changed to Demalion!

Friend Code: B6D2D4

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