Alternate life style/biome for tribes

Just interested if anyone else has any ideas or aspirations for playing a race they really like, but not at all in their intended biome or lifestyle. For example I plan on playing a Kypiq, but I'll spend most of my time in cities or tunnels, and not in trees or forests. I hope to have a tunnel system under my business similar to the viet cong tunnels in Cu Chi.

11/13/2018 3:16:54 AM #1

Kinda yes, Kinda no.

I plan on playing a Dras Alchemist that is a practicing tifa of the Al'tifali faith.

However where I will settle is entirely dependent on where the community I have gotten to know ends up. I am just hoping they don't put my Dras self in a Waerd desert so I don't have to walk around with an umbrella for shade.

11/15/2018 2:32:29 AM #2

I am planning on playing a Kypiq, but I am also going to be settling down wherever my community does. So there is a possibility that I'll also be playing a "fish out of water". Honestly though I've been looking forward to living in a multi-cultural city and enjoying some of the banter that may arise from that.

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I plan on destroying every kingdom, conquering Elyria and enslave every kypiq.

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Posted By Chroniclesofalias at 6:37 PM - Wed Nov 14 2018

I plan on destroying every kingdom, conquering Elyria and enslave every kypiq.

I plan to be where he's not.

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Pity does not validate cowardice

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If i end up as a Kypiq I will certainly be trying to live as a country gentleman in a well appointed hill dwelling surrounded by bucolic villages rather than messing around with all that tree house business.

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11/15/2018 12:06:15 PM #7

I also gonna play Dras, but have no plans spending my time in some swamp.