City of Everbloom

Everbloom is located in the County of Skelanos, Duchy of Sarnur, Kingdom of Demalion. We will strive to become a civilized center of peace and prosperity known for it's massive libraries, skilled craftsmen, legendary archers and exquisite arts. We will mainly focus on the Crafting and Researching of Weapons and Armor, Agriculture, Livestock Breeding, Brewing & Distilling and our Adventurer's Guild shall provide everyone with the means to satisfy their combat and exploration orientated needs. I shall list all current Guilds below. The plan is that the city will be divided in 5 'districts'.

  • The Hub of Crafts: This is the district where all the crafting guilds and their shops will be located. Everyone who produces goods and/or wants to sell their wares should be making their way here.

    Guild List:

    • The People's Forge (Smithing)

    • Pioneer Brewing Guild (Brewing & Distilling)

  • The Information Quarter: The place to be should you be needing some medical attention, need a new contract written by a scribe, a house designed by an archtiect, etc.

  • The Blade's Edge: This is where you'll find all our training grounds as well as our Adventurer's Guild, The Goldborn Clan!

    Guild List:

    • The Goldborn (Adventurer's Guild)
  • The Homestead Harbour: The main residential area for people who don't want to live where they work or just those looking for a place to settle.

  • The Forever Fields: Not really a district, the farmlands located outside of the main city will serve as the main food source of our own city as well as trade with the other cities.

    Guild List:

    • Athelan Bloodline Breedery

Those interested in joining can send me a message on here or join our County Discord. You can meet the community and find all the info you'll need to join the city. See you soon!

Skelanos County Discord:

Friend Code: B6D2D4

11/14/2018 6:00:27 PM #1

Great post, look forward to visiting your city 😁

3/15/2019 2:03:27 PM #2

Still looking for citizens, everyone is welcome to join the community!

Friend Code: B6D2D4

6/17/2019 3:43:18 PM #3

Still recruiting citizens!

Friend Code: B6D2D4

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