Issues with Paypal?

Are there currently any issues going on with Xsolla/Paypal on your end? I am attempting to make a purchase via Paypal, but am getting a weird message saying that all the payment methods I have attached to me Paypal account are not accepted.

Standard US Paypal account, same account I use all the time. Is there something special I need to know?


11/20/2018 1:44:49 AM #1

I'm not sure about this, although I'm pretty certain they would just tell you to contact xsolla support, maybe try live chatting with xsolla and see if there's any issues?

Sorry I'm not any help for this, I just wanted to see if theres anything that I can provide in the meantime for trying to fix it

11/20/2018 1:47:34 AM #2

I hate dealing with Xsolla. I hate the fact I have to go through them as opposed to simply using Paypal - why do I have to use a payment processor to use a payment processor?

So, I wanted to check if there was a known issue before I started spending hours trying to troubleshoot my desire to spend money here...


11/20/2018 3:09:10 AM #3

I had three different transactions from two different sources of payment declined. I think my payment methods are probably now frozen and I will have to make a bunch of calls tomorrow.

The problem is that Xsolla is listed as a high fraudulent transaction site by many payment processors. That has been a serious problem for me in the past -- and it continues to be now.

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11/26/2018 10:27:49 PM #4

Posted By Beathan at 7:09 PM - Mon Nov 19 2018

The problem is that Xsolla is listed as a high fraudulent transaction site by many payment processors.

Be aware that this is speculation and not fact.

If Xsolla had so many issues, I doubt Valve and Twitch would use them as their payment processor too (among many others).

That being said, we're not aware of any issues at this time but do let us know if you find any evidence of any issue.

Thank you.

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