Can siblings be heirs?

I started thinking about how when a King has siblings and the King dies, one of the kings siblings become the next heir. So if you're a king or any status really, and you have several children and when you die you become one of your children, but lets say you died earlier than expected and didn't have a child. Would you have to become a ward or would you be able to come back as one of your siblings

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The title holder can decree their heir, except mayors, Mayors are voted into office. and Barons are given power by the Duke.

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Mayors are voted into office if you're "establishing" a town, aka. choosing the mayor will be a thing the land owners votes on. but after that mayor is an inheritable title, it's not something people get to vote on.

Baron is just a mayor being paid to keep a garrison, but he's still a mayor.

Q: Question How is the Mayorship handled from the KS title, is it elective per life, per x years, or can your heir inherit the position as a heritable position? We've got both styles in the old medieval from mayorship being inherited (appointed) to it being a elective.

A: Mayors and Barons are inherited positions in Elyria.

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