Xsolla - processing error/contact info

Has anyone else run into the issue of Xsolla taking your pledge money but not sending you any kind of confirmation or your pledge showing on the CoE website? Does this resolve on it's own?

And does anyone know the contact info for Xsolla - I couldnt find it listed on the site or in the forums.

11/28/2018 4:04:48 AM #1

Xsolla Support Page

In my experience it usually gets declined on the banks end, and a quick phone call and a second attempt usually fixes it. Sounds like that isn't your problem though, best of luck!

Check to see if you bought it as a gift on accident too. Might exist in your inventory unclaimed.

Inventory can be found by clicking on your name on the top right of the screen, then click inventory on the left side.

11/28/2018 4:05:31 AM #2

I've had some issues with the payment not processing. I had to call my bank and they had to allow a 1-hour window for my payment to go through and then I bought EP xD

If you are looking for a pledge I would check your inventory. If it isn't there after refreshing I would be concerned especially if the payment went through. You might wish to check your bank account to see if was actually accepted?

I'm not a doctor.

11/28/2018 8:12:38 AM #3

Thanks for the tips and the link!

It's not showing in my inventory so I will follow up with Xsolla.