Ech'lara's Vintro Festo Begins! (Ongoing Dec 1-31)

It is an intriguing sight, for you see a large man, redheaded with his hair braided back and an equally long and elegantly braided beard, bouncing along the street as if he were a child. Dressed simply, denoting the life of a farmer or laborer, the man had a large messenger bag sitting across his body and from it his large fingers drew forth the most delicate of lace in the form of varying shapes and sizes and colors.

These shapes, as you draw closer, you can see are delicately detailed and none two are alike. Some are made from linen, some from cotton, some from wool, others are twine, ribbon, or even a few woven from wild flowers. The only thing they hand in common was that they were hexagonal, though even that could be questioned as they looked more like decorative wagon wheels than anything.

Either way, as the large man reaches you, he pulls another from his bag with a flourish and hands it to you with a large smile. "Happy Vintro Festo!" He exclaimed and as you take the the thing and stare at it, maybe you knew what it was, maybe you didn't, he added on. "It's a snowflake. Hang it up and it'll bring you good luck!" Then he's off to hand out more of them, his bag full to bursting and you have a feeling there will certainly be more.

((Make sure to check back daily for another snowflake, and more to the story!

Also; A repost since the original had a misspelled title 0.0; ))

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Ahh really cool, and can't wait to see more!

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The second day you're wandering through the market to pick up food for the day's meal and yet again you spot the tall familiar redhead picking his way among the people handing out new snowflakes to everyone. This time he's earning smiles and has multiple children flocking after him helping him hand out his precious snowflakes. They actually seem to be enjoying his cheer and wanting to see others smile the way he did.

So this time, when you obligingly take the next snowflake he hands you, you pause and ask him about where he's from and why these things called snowflakes? He grins and stops for a bit, handing out more snowflakes to the children so they could scatter to the four winds to hand them out. "The winter months where I am from there are great snows that white out the world, sometimes so you can see no more than a hand span from your nose." He explains.

"Most would see it as troublesome, and cause for great despair and discomfort, but my tribe has always seen it as something to celebrate. For Luna, Selene, Mother Earth and Father Sky have saw it fit to bless us with time to spend drinking mulled cider by the fire, gathering our loved ones close, and telling the tales of the great hunts of our ancestors." He was clearly recalling fond memories of those times long past and gave an almost sad sigh, that was swept away by another smile.

"We would always decorate the halls, hunt for acorns and pine cones though the falling snow, take the time to weave, and bake, craft, and pack gifts for others." He took another handful of the beautiful snowflakes, such delicate things made by such large hands. "These are just one thing among others we used to decorate. Perhaps later this season you can stop by my farmstead to see for yourself just how beautiful they can be when strung from the rafters."

He did have work to do, and with that, the large man headed off through the crowds once more, handing out yet more snowflakes and cheer as he went. You looked down at today's snowflake in your hand, turned it over, and an idea began to form. Tomorrow you resolved to find out more about this quirky man and his clear love for this particular tradition.

(( "I love this, that looks incredible! How long does it take you to make something like that?" - Mythal (BMR)

Depending on the pattern it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Also depends on what size the end product ends up being, with this one being done in a thin yarn with a 3.75mm crochet hook an ended up about the size of my palm.

"Ahh really cool, and can't wait to see more!" -Primus Dedumo (CoE)

31 of them x3 Unless people want to see more?

"yaaaay snowflakes!" - Vugbug

8D Someone else who loves snowflaaaakes? - Senmorta ))

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