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Hello Tavern!

What role are you going to play in CoE? Whether it's to be a top teir crafter*, farmer, merchant, warrior, localy/globaly known hero, bounty hunter, hitman, king, queen, emperor, or even a warmonger.

I just realized that everyone needs to fit into a roll ever since I saw and read through this forum post, the one part that got me thinking this is when someone mentioned of player controlled message carriers or something like that.

I'll be playing a role of a blacksmith, what about you?

12/27/2018 1:55:00 AM #286

At first, this question really plagued my mind a bit and I was pretty uncertain what I would do, especially since there wasn't enough time to do everything and...well, I am pretty OCD completionist in that aspect.

However, it dawned on me when I was advertising my new town that I could look outside the typical ideas of blacksmith/tanner/adventurer and craft something that was more my own.

The town I manage, Altdorf, has a spotted history that has seen its founding families flee across the lands to where it resides today, originally hailing from lands that were far more hostile and plagued by crime, vampires, and other evils. During their struggle to survive, the original Altdorfians (Yea, lets go with that) developed a set of warriors who were both strong of body, but also sharp of mind to protect them during such difficult trials. This was the Silver Order - Witch Hunters. Now Altdorf sits within the Kingdom of Lor Voskara and enjoys relative peace, but the town has carried on the tradition of the Silver Order and to this day recruits exceptional individuals as Altdorf Witch Hunters. These Hunters both protect the town, act as its 'investigators' should something go wrong, but also play the role of spy and informant, traveling in and around the lands of the town to make sure the people of Altdorf are always informed about what is roaming their territory during the night, or happening in far off places. The position will exist as a unique one, detached from any local militia, and the process of applying will not be simple - but the rewards will be great!

The idea is something I immediately liked. and others have expressed interests as to getting involved with it. I think I will shape my character around that Order, and work up from there.

12/27/2018 4:22:49 AM #287

I have a burning desire to be an architect. I will likely supplement that with a few other cultural activities, like barding. Really I'm interested in anything that looks genuinely unique to CoE gameplay compared to other games.

1/12/2019 12:56:21 PM #288

I am gonna play Janoa and become a mercenary. I am gonna be merchant also, so i have a regular income.

1/15/2019 10:43:37 AM #289

I want to open a tavern and make the best beer on the Server.

1/15/2019 11:42:19 AM #290

My plan is to become a Shaman and to help find cures to diseases through herbal remedies, also i'll spend most of my time tending to the forests around the duchy I reside.

1/15/2019 5:21:52 PM #291

I plan on being a cartographer, linguist, scribe, and wouldn't even mind learning how to make contracts.

Obviously I'm going to be traveling a lot, I'm so excited to see the world and be able to chart it.

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