Transferring Bloodline

If blood line is locked in to a server can it be transferred.

12/6/2018 11:33:31 PM #1

Why did you lock into a server if you weren't 100% sure? Only title people really needed to lock into it before domain selection started. Those without could have wait for months.

12/6/2018 11:36:07 PM #2

That would of been good information given before allowing people to lock in.

12/7/2018 12:13:51 AM #3

If you've locked to a server, that's it. That package is locked to that server now. They did mention this in the announcement post about it.

Posted By Serpentius at

Note: All items that were part of your Bloodline+ package that is bound to your account will get locked to the server you select once you complete this process. In specific, items in your package including titles & lands, heraldry, exposition points, mounts & pets, digital items that came in your packages, any items purchased with EP, and soul packs, will all bind to your server. All items that were not part of a Bloodline+ package bound to your account, Sparks of Life, or any items you have purchased through store promotions will not be locked to the server you select.

12/7/2018 12:41:58 AM #4

thanks but they still did it after it became available

12/7/2018 12:45:12 AM #5

Your best bet would be to email support: [email protected]

12/7/2018 4:54:20 AM #6

tried that got no where with them

12/7/2018 5:00:12 AM #7

They are the only ones who can help you with your situation, apologies that it didn't work

12/7/2018 12:16:13 PM #8

As the question has been answered I'll be locking this thread.