[Alesia] The Progenium

The Progenium

An Extremist Faedin Cult for our Kypiq Kin

Mission Statement: To dedicate ourselves to scientific disciplines, to spread the Kypiq flavor of Faedinism and to uncover our lost roots.

Vision: To provide a major quest hub for players (all players) to receive a continuous stream of content - provided by a highly dedicated and fanatical Kypiq community.

The Spiel: A MASSIVE complex of universities, laboratories, temples and trade halls, the Progenium will likely be a major point of interest for the region in which it will be located. A proper University is going to be no small feat to get set up, they're Castle-sized. We fully intend to make not only a proper University, but THE University for the specific subjects the Progenium sets off to excel in.

In addition, it aims at being a highly fanatical Faedin (of the Kypiq variety) Cult - and all the glory that comes with that.

If you're someone that wants to hunker down and have the resources at hand to commence on fringe research, we need each other.

Leadership (in game): Jho’Hon Conklin - Count of Faefoth of the Dutree of Port Royale of the Kindome of Alesia. Captain of Agriculture and Ecology of the Dutree of Port Royale.

Leadership (IRL): Corey Jones - Technical Management Consultant for Monsanto/Bayer and the US Department of Agriculture; ex-Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer; dabbles in things he finds interesting - certified by the International Alchemy Guild (IAG) in the Hermetic, Esoteric and Practical topics of Alchemy - certified Reiki Master (for fun really, but it's quite similar to Faedinism).

Player Benefits - Progeni can expect a share of the guilds overall profits and use of assets. This likely means that you will have free housing, free craft stations and a steady income dependent on how well we're doing!

Access to Contracts - Should you need work, the Progeni will have a Job Board available based on your Path and Rank. Access to Tools, Information, Workspaces etc that pertain to your Path. For example, if you’re a researcher, you will at least have access to a laboratory. Your Rank defines the investment the Progeni invest in you and your work. In times of War, you will be part of the Astarte, which is the Progenium's Battle Cleric path - a Duchy accepted profession.

The Progenium will have a traditional Application Process where you must submit your dosier (sorta like an actual college application and resume). We then notify you of your acceptance or unfortunate denial. The “Initiation” process begins, which is an enrollment in the Magisterium as a Magi Initiate.

All Progeni start as a Magi Initiates, so you must first go through the schooling. Due to mechanics not being out at the time of this writing, we do not know how long it will be expected, but it’s a common sense policy - you will have to know both Global Knowledge (skill trees) and Institutional Knowledge (actual information about the Progenium).

Upon graduating from the School, you will receive a Diploma that you can use to find work elsewhere. In addition, an Adeptus will contact you and work with you to figure out where best you will fit in the Progenium as a whole (think Sorting Hat).

The Schools of the Progenium The specifics of each School are not public, but in general, Progeni will be guided through a particular school once they have graduated from the Initiate schooling. Some schools are not public.

The Astartes - The dedicated Battle Clerics - partners of the Black Guard of Port Royale. A focus on both medicine and combat. More akin to Monks of Monasteries than armor clad divine clerics. The Astarte abhor violence and live with the unfortunate reality that to end violence, you must partake in it, and steer it toward peace - by any means necessary.

The Hereticus - The Zealots of the most zealous. These are akin to Druids or Priests, but for the Faedin religion. The Hereticus both attempt to understand the teachings of their ancient foundations while defending the tenets with passion.

The Magisterium - Chymical, Biological and Alchemical research and experimentation. Magi are the keepers of the Magisterium, the Royale gardens of Faefoth, among various other laboratories.

The Mechanicus - The tinkerers, the engineers and those that aspire to building gadgets, widgets and gizmos. The Mechanicus work closely with the other Schools to bring their findings to reality.

We hope to test the nature of CoE and it's limits. Questions of interest that drive ideal Progeni are "What happened to magic?", "How can I best heal?", "How can I best kill?", "What real impact does religion have?" and "What are the limitations of science in CoE?".

For specific questions, feel free to DM me on discord - Count Conklin #3327 or hop into the server and say, "Hi"!

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I like it… well thought out… a bit aggressing but what the hell… not exactly what I am looking for but I know others that are… I will pass this link on.

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