[Alesia] The Grand Suntree of Faefoth

The Grand Suntree of Faefoth

A Fanatical Kypiq Enclave

Motto: May the leaves of your tree never turn brown.

Count Conklin, A Patron of Alchemy, Tinkering, Faedinism and Medicine (or Poison).

Suntree (County) Vision:

The Suntree will very likely be a Kypiq cultural center - and everything that goes along with that.

At the moment, we have a Council with a strong interest in Education. We plan on hosting, likely, one of the largest Universities in the region, with, likely, some of the most interesting quests and progressions systems.

We plan to take the Kypiq's denomination of Faedinism zealously. Our laws will often provide more rights to the Flora and Fauna than to our citizens. It is illegal to chop wood in Faefoth, unless a woodcutting permit for a particular sector has been granted. In general, the Ecology will be heavily monitored and we will have severe penalties in effect for those that commit crimes that go against our Faedin Tenets.

Due to having several IT professionals, we will have our own software, tools, websites and various other goodies to assist you if you so choose. Our overall guidelines moving forward is to ensure we never do anything against SBS's desire or anything that goes against the Intent of the game.


We're a Grand County, a County that's 2x the size. It is my opinion that anything larger than 2x for a single County becomes too inefficient.

Faefoth will likely have a solid infrastructure (roads, defenses, buildings, etc), we will likely be able to boast some significant guilds and schools and we should have enough content to build non-trivial partnerships with our neighbors. We will have a bank and for those citizens that have serious plans and are simply lacking the resources, I will consider providing loans, investments, or simply subsidized grants to make something that has longevity potential happen for the mid and long-term.

Building the foundations for all of this will be our goal during Exposition.

What I plan to do, personally:

As a Guardian (Count), I see my role as a Steward to the various sorts of players that will come in and out of my domain. It is our job, the Counts, the Dukes and the Monarch to ensure that the experience of the player-base is an exciting one - filled with opportunities to grow, quest-lines to venture through, drama to feel immersed in and the ability to do what you want to do.

I have chosen the Dutree of Port Royale because it was evident that Vig, the Duke, understands that players are likely here for Fun, for Adventure and maybe a tad of Drama.

I have chosen the Kindome of Alesia because I see it as the most natural of Kindomes - it is my observation that they are more mature because of the crucible that is Alesia, not despite it. The different Dukes all have interesting perceptions that are highly variant, as opposed to the more tribal structures of many other Kindomes.

When I have the time, outside of management duties, I hope to be working with my guild, The Progenium and research various things of interest.


Faefoth - Seat of the Count of the Grand Suntree of Faefoth and the Dutree of Port Royale's Captain of Agriculture and Ecology

Faefoth has a focus on the production and study of biology altering elixirs, techniques and weaponry. Heavily invested in, Faefoth has a very developed infrastructure. The Progenium call this mysterious land their home.

Vita Vinum - Farmland and orchards, the faint buzz of bees. Sweet aromas waft across this town and sweeter yet the beverages made here. Prepare for the feast for you dine at the manor of Aegir. We work hard, to party harder. This small town will be mostly farms with one purpose above all else, the fermenting of all things and the distillation to bring forth more flavor and lightheadedness to all that imbibe upon this sweet nectar. Drink and be merry the ambrosia, for this night will be one you will never forget, or one you can't quite recall.

Super Awesome Land (Name to be changed soon) - A settlement largely owned by Mr. Elyria (Surname will be chosen soon) has an unknown focus. Expected to have a focus on adventuring and working closely with Faefoth.

Burtree of Thornspire - Description coming soon. Led by Baron Shield.

Facilities of Note:

The Ameno - A healing center devoted to the practice and research of healing techniques. The Ameno, first established by Jho’Hon Conklin, the grandfather of the current Count Jho’Hon Conklin III, it has been known far and wide as a place to heal faster after serious wounds, to acquire a cure for an ailment and for the elderly to have a prolonged and more comfortable life. The doctors and alchemists research and mentor when they are able, with a firm belief that by helping others, they can continue their way of life.

The Alchemical Gardens - The lands of Elyria are vast and varied, giving rise to a plethora of Flora and Fauna. Faefoth has invested in a fortified garden that is only accessible by high ranking members of the Progenium. Faefoth has created partnerships with neighboring Botanists, Agricultural entities and Adventuring guilds that enable the Gardens to have a large variety of rare species.

Chi's Busty Barnacle - A renown tavern within Vita-Vinum that produces rare and exclusive spirits. Vig is often spotted playing a long game of dice there.

The Progenium - A guild with close ties to the House of Conklin, the Progenium are a small group of specialists that have pledged to the idea of fringe technology guided by Faedin principles. Mysterious in nature, Progeni simply hope to recover what was once lost and to test their theories in the field.

They have strong ties with their neighbors, the Watchers. It might be true that some Watchers are Progeni, and vice-versa. With the support of the Duchy of Port Royale and allied counties, the Progenium's primary objective is to establish the supply chain to meet the demand of the markets of Elyria’s Alchemical and Tinkering needs. If you're interested in the Progenium, please contact me via DM on Discord.

Faefoth is a sophisticated and highly organized settlement. If you are interested in the life of a medieval Kypiq scientist, look no further.

Some other words for what Faefothians identify as:

Healer, Physicker, Leech, Medic, Salvent, Apothecary, Barber, Bloodletter, Surgeon, Dentist, Brewer, Witch, Warlock, Chirurgeon, Chymist, Pharmacist, Toxinist, Wiseman/wisewoman, Cultist or Shaman. Maybe you really believe in something that heals - if anyone attests to it, we’ll treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

Does this mean we’re alright with you murdering, dragging bodies and attempting rituals on them? No.. murder is the opposite of healing - bad! If you want to throw bones and draw shapes, we won’t stop you.

Discord here: Suntree of Faefoth Discord

You can also find us on Guilded here: Suntree of Faefoth Guilded

6/23/2019 6:45:35 PM #1

Faedinism, derivative of the capital name, what is the meaning?

Will Faefoth, your capital, contain Ameno, your healing school?

Your quad-chart for the guild shows glassblowing, I do not see how this fits with the other three areas of study. Should tinkering be a separate guild? separate settlement?

I assume Vita Vinum will have a separate guild for brewing.

Settlement Burtree of Thornspire, border patrol or internal peace-keeping? (baron is PvP, mayor is admin)

It's my understanding that barons are appointed, paid by, and work for the duchy, not the count. How many do you plan on having?

Note: with a grand county you can plan for 8-10 settlements. Do you have plans for additional settlements?

6/23/2019 10:23:42 PM #2

Hello Veteran,

The Faedin religion is one of the official religions within Elyria. For that info, I'd recommend this site:

Faefoth is named after the Faedin religion. I just made up 'foth'.

Faefoth, my capital, will contain the Ameno (healing school).

Glassblowing is considered to be a peripheral to the other specialties. I will be prioritizing the core (Alchemy, Breeding, Health/Poison, Herbalism and Spiritual applications). As we attain enough interest, we will look into things like Glassblowing, since we will likely be a large consumer of it.

Vita Vinum is ran by Triabane Aegir, one of Faefoth's Mayors. If he chooses to make a separate guild for brewing, he can. Brewing is currently not affiliated with the Progenium. It should also be noted that the Progenium and the Talqamar (another large university in the Duchy) is merging.

As of now, I believe Baron Shield is planning to take an internal peace-keeping approach. However, he has my full support however he decides to provide Faefoth sufficient defense.

Regarding your baron question: Officially, yes. That is correct. However, I will still be providing significant support to all of Faefoth's settlements, including the Baronies. The Duke and I are aligned on this topic. Faefoth is a Grand Suntree (2x). I would have to wait until D&SS for an exact number, but, due to the expected population, resources, and size of Faefoth, I am expecting at least 2, perhaps 3. I think it would be fair to have one Baron for every 4 Settlements.

I plan to fill the default settlements that D&SS provides and nothing more. I would like Faefoth to remain wild, relatively hidden from the rest of the world. I believe Faefoth currently has a total of 6 mayor/baron titles (counting my own). About half of these have defined Settlements.

I will provide a detailed posting of the Settlement info.

Thanks, Conklin

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