Fabled Reach [Angelica County]

Fabled Reach

County Seat: Vonté

Kingdom: Unaffiliated

RP-encouraged | Neran

"To reach for beauty, and to never forget intention with every creation."


Greetings! I am Countess Orianna. I’ve waited years for this moment, for domain selection to finally be on the horizon. I know there are countless mayors that are waiting to see what counties will emerge in the biomes that they desire.

If you might give me a moment of your time, I would love to introduce you to the Fabled Reach.

I seek to foster an active community of folk that wish to create and protect beauty together. We are a county that aspires to focus on the production of things that have sensory value: wine, textiles, tapestries, candies, deserts, and dyes. For a complete list of our goals in Elyria, especially during the exposition phase, please visit our grand plan here. It goes over what I shall be spending exposition points towards, and what our goals will be in the Fabled Reach.

However, with that said, all professions will be essential for any county to grow. It is simply the county theme of beauty and growth that should inspire folk to join. Fields like blacksmithing, innkeeping, etc., are all critical for success!

Language and art are invaluable. We seek to create an environment, through county funds and education, that is hospitable for artists of all kinds. Art should manifest itself through the intentional designs of settlements that embody cohesiveness and patience.

I aim to encourage friendly competition between settlements through monthly events. My goal is to provide a quality, exciting county that always has something in store for my citizens.

Gardens of the Reach

One of the main features of all Fabled Reach settlements will be the community gardens. Each settlement will receive funding to establish a garden for their citizens. These community gardens will be different with each settlement—as the mayors will be in charge of their development. As a way to encourage the development of architecture and gardens, I will be allocating county taxes towards settlements that make the best effort for making settlements of cohesion and creativity.

Gardens can be utilized for economic reasons of growing dyes, herbs, etc. They can be as useful as they will be beautiful. The main point is to integrate nature into our cities.

The only requirement to join my county, is to have a desire to master your profession to make the Fabled Reach a more beautiful place. We seek to create a realm of color and good taste. However, where there is beauty and an effort for peace, there will be those that wish to tarnish it. Leading me to ask you,

Will you create beauty, or will you protect it in the Fabled Reach?

"Hi, Orianna, would this county be a good place for..."

I'd be more than happy to learn about your character goals and ambitions, regardless of whether or not you would wish to join the Fabled Reach. The success of any region is based off the successes of each individual. Pitch me your idea, and I'll see if I can assist you with your goals. And if not, I will connect you with those who can.

Feel free to message me on Chronicles of Elyria, or join our discord. I avidly await to meet potential mayors and fellow adventurers. Otherwise, see you in the world of Elyria!


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I truly enjoyed reading through this post, it's really well done! When I close my eyes, I can easily imagine myself strolling through the streets of Vonté. You can expect me for a visit in the near future. ^^

12/21/2018 3:24:49 PM #4

Thanks, Count Crowley.

You've been so kind ever since I stopped by Ashland. I appreciate it dearly. Hopefully, you can send me your potions, and I'll send you my wine :)


12/22/2018 10:55:30 PM #5

You have a beautiful dream of a beautiful place, Orianna. Your passion to realize it is plainly evident in the detailed plans you've made, and so I wish you much success.

Save a bottle of wine for me. I'm sure our paths will cross. :)

12/23/2018 2:01:26 AM #6

I'm sure I can manage to spare a bottle or two :) Congratz about your duke title.


12/29/2018 5:40:22 AM #7

Very nice! I quite enjoyed reading it!


"Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same."

-Just a lowly beekeeper

1/5/2019 5:25:57 AM #8

Wonderfully written, Orianna. Fabled Reach is truly a solid vision that will not only be a place of beauty but will encourage a strong economy. I also like that it is RP-encouraged. My hope is that my Knights and I can one day visit and help protect these great Vonté Gardens.

1/19/2019 2:29:00 AM #9

Aw, thank you very much Serverus. I was away for a few weeks, attending to important errands.

You are your knights will always be welcome, I never turn away a good friend. And...I'd very much like to see Ironholde as well :)


1/28/2019 2:30:33 PM #10

Looks Amazing Countess Orianna!

Happy to be able to say your beautiful County will be enriching our Duchy of Thorne.

2/6/2019 12:28:37 AM #11

Aww thank you, Labbe.

Thorne is blessed to have such an ambitious alchemist :)

I'll have to make a request for you to make dyes and lethal poisons.


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