The Vault Event - Coins for V

I’m the Nirathi Candidate for the Vault Event and with other candidates making themselves known, people asking about candidates, and some suggesting I make a post, here is my post.

MalevolentFiend has been my online alias for about twenty years or thereabouts, but in Chronicles of Elyria I’ve been going mostly by Vittorio or recently V. I am a member of The Older Gamers which is a global gaming community, and I act as the Selene Server Contact. I’m also admin of the Let’s Play Discord, which was initially an experiment but has been quite useful in bringing CoE players together to share a common interest - Games.

I have been following Chronicles of Elyria since 2015 and was one of the first one-hundred to pledge on the Kickstarter, I had no hesitation, and as the game has progressed through development my interest in the game has grown. I'm not so active on a global scale, but much more so in the EU. I acted on behalf of Nirath and Selene during the Map Selection process as a representative. Nirath is my home and has been since before it had a name, I am a member of the Royal Court, and have advised Dragor on many occasions (and contributed to his madness, most likely).

If I win this event then, honestly, I have no idea what I’ll do with the Sunstone. I’ll likely settle in the Royal Duchy and have the stone transported to Dragor’s Capital, making it accessible to more from distant lands. Or set up some sort of shrine. I have a lot of people interested in farming, so I’m sure they’ll put it to use.

What I am aiming for is the Runner-up prize. If I become Duke then based on our pre-selections within Nirath I would likely aim for the most Northern Kypiq Duchy in Kingdom 3. This Duchy borders Kingdom 1 and Kingdom 2 which I hope would allow for greater trade options between Demalion and Nirath.

As for the fighting technique. I would like to set up an academy of sorts that will welcome any to visit and learn this technique, which I have dubbed the Kypiq Flailing Shield Technique. I do have this image of the Mokshin utilising this technique, armed with the folding shield and a flail designed with the same sort of ingenuity (perhaps something I use my Design Experience on?)

I won’t be running a contest for your coins as I have already had so many contribute and I feel it would be unfair on them, I can only offer my thanks. Unfortunately there isn’t a transaction page to show how much has been sent, otherwise I may have considered it.

Many thanks for reading this and considering me.

"But the Duchess had no common sense, probably because it was, well, too common." - Terry Pratchett
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12/22/2018 2:30:44 PM #1

Nice Post. Your getting all my coins :D

Long live the Kypiq!


12/25/2018 9:09:23 PM #2

You did not have a choice, we made you make your candidacy known. We Kypiqs have ways you know...

12/30/2018 10:11:51 AM #3

I don't have many coins to send, but you are getting mine. Who really knows what will happen? Maybe you even get the stone that shine.

I wish you good luck on this race. I hope that you get, at least, second place.

For it would be really fun to have a Kypic Flailing Shield Technique, now that is something that I think would look quite unique.

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12/30/2018 11:20:23 AM #4

You got my shinies!

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