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Welcome to the first edition of our kingdom newsletter.

In the future, there will be format changes and added features, but in order to present you with a bit of a holiday present, I have decided to post this first one somewhat unfinished.

Selene Birthdays

a list of recent and upcoming birthdays, please feel free to DM or forum mail me any you know so that I can add them to my list

Usifan Dec 17th

Capsup Dec 17th

Fred Dec 15th

Arebs Dec 15th

HellShadow Nov 27th

Chintz Nov 14th

Ghettomaster Jan 17th



A great big Kudos and pat on the back to Luminios and all those who helped organize our effort in this event. While we did not succeed at unifying the server in one combined effort, we were joined by many from all over the map as well as many unaligned, and through our combined efforts not only cured well over 100 people, but also contributed a large percentage to the overall technology unlocks.

This is proof that a community united and working towards a common goal will achieve more than a person toiling endlessly on their own. Just imagine what we might have done if we had all come together ...


Despite some initial headbutting and other shenanigans, 4 out of 5 kingdoms were able to set aside some personal desires and reach an agreement mutually beneficial for all of their people.



The Christmas/Holiday community event linked to The Longest Night lore. From the event page, use your supplies to "raid" the vault and win loot.

Any coins in your "My Funds" section can be sent to another player, our own Ghettomaster is vying for the sunstone prize, or added to your own "Stash" if you think you can win a prize yourself.

The full post can fill in the details.

Coinciding with the official event are several others on a Kingdom level:

Our Resident Bard and Legendary Weaver of Words, Scylurus has issued a very worthy challenge that I urge all to participate in. Have a look at his Longest Night Carols competition

Another optional Event

Doraemon, known for other competitions involving mayor and count pledges has decided to once again host an event, the goal of which is to send him the most Lumps of Coal, Glowing Potatoes, Corroded Copper Spearheads, Star Ruby Rings, Golden Trinkets, or Mysterious Items.

The rewards are as follows:

  • Lumps of Coal: A mayor package and an Otterbear
  • Glowing Potatoes: A mayor package and an Ursaphant
  • Corroded Copper Spearheads: A mayor package and a Trison

  • Golden Trinkets: A limited courtier package and 7 ravens. (Ring, Necklace, Chalice)

  • Mysterious Items: A limited courtier package and 7 ravens. (Casket, Ruby, Vial)
  • Star Ruby Rings: A limited courtier package and 7 black cats.

Should one person manage to win all 6 prizes they will instead receive a limited royal package, and one of every animal Doraemon has in his inventory.

Now, as with the SBS event participation is of course voluntary. We plan to pool all the resources over the next couple of days, estimate our chances of winning any particular title, and then either proceed to commit them, or return them to those who sent them. The deadline we set for ourselves is the 29th of December.

CONTACT: Luminios


Of course, not the least of our kingdom endeavors, there is Ghettomaster's bid for the sunstone relic, which will not only prove beneficial for crop production during the Longest Night, but who knows what secrets it might hold yet to be discovered? You can read all about that here


This regular feature is fairly self explanatory - a statement or snippet from any CoE related discord from a community member. Best if it can be read as something much funnier when removed from the original context.

Our very first Quote comes from Countess, and is used with her permission.

12/24/2018 12:02:10 AM #1







(Nesla) Subcinctus





Kingdom Structuring

When Al-Khezam first began it's rebirth as a kingdom, the founders determined it was best to establish only a minimal hierarchy. With so much certain to grow and change there was no need for more than basic appointments to keep things organized.

With first map selection, and very SOON™ domain selection, it is time to get things in order. The King has begun the process of organizing our political structure and along with trusted members of the kingdom, will be slowly rolling out the different offices and the current officers for each. What follows is a summary of current offices and office holders, some are long established, others are fairly recent.








King Usifan Banu-Usifan

Grand Vizier _ White

Executor : The Kings Hand _ Scylurus







comprised of the Dukes/Duchesses and their seconds acting as representatives for the people of their Duchies


second Athorias


second Luminios


second none named


second none named


Nongenti - Lord Qaum Order - Discord Community Manager

Fred - Lord Subtleair - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Šanguinesh Blackwind - Lord Sopharch - Minister of Information


Every month we will spotlight an individual Al-Qaum or organization and learn a little more than we knew.

For Our Premier Edition We Bring You:


Athorias, Count of Skelanos and founder of The Bloodborn speaks with us:

Would you give us a basic overview of the Bloodborn - who you are, your goals for the game, etc..

The Bloodborn is a Mercenary enterprise based in Skelanos County. They are now part of a total of 4 mercenary guilds within Skelanos County, each focusing on different styles of combat.

The goal of the Bloodborn is to become famous for their brutality, strength and tactics. They will stop at nothing to attain their goal.

Even to the detriment of the kingdom?

Going against AL-Khezam might not be advantageous for us.

How do you see it working out; playing not only a count, but a mercenary leader?

My Count job comes first. Depending on game mechanics I might not be the 'official' leader, if this will be the case I will lead the mercenary guild behind the screens, just as how I want to take care of the dirty works of AL-Khezam behind the screens.

Definition of mercenary : one that serves merely for wages especially : a soldier hired into foreign service : serving merely for pay or sordid advantage : venal also : greedy : hired for service in the army of a foreign country By definition, a mercenary is loyal only to money or advantage

- how can you make this work as a member of the kingdoms aristocracy where loyalty to the people is the number one requirement?

As you stated above, 'By definition, a mercenary is loyal only to money or advantage'. We have chosen for a mercenary style because we can refuse to fight certain battles, or fight for other kingdoms too.

Since AL-Khezam doesn't pay wages for the mercenary unit I think it is fair to say that we should not be counted on in their battles My community wants to fight when they feel like it. We can however be a nice additional army helping AL-Khezam when needed.

So as a count you will be loyal to the kingdom, but what if your mercenaries decide they want to take a deal that will negatively affect the kingdom? How do you handle that?

The council members of Skelanos and me will be walking a fine line when accepting missions from outside of the kingdom, and we know this. This council is the only organ within our county that is allowed to accept missions. I need AL-Khezam to be a success to guarantee the survival of our county.

One of the goals of being a mercenary in our county is also to gather information which can be useful to Al-Khezam at times.

So in essence, Al-Khezam and The Bloodborn go hand in hand both working towards building a great kingdom consisting of great duchies and counties.

So if the kingdom were to be attacked, you would stand with us, or you would require a contract with us?

We are mercenaries who fight for coin and fame, so yes, we require a contract. This contract can be made for the duration of the game, far before we ever have to help our kingdom.

We already have a contract with our duchy, and if the kingdom would like us to fight for them in times of need, they are free to submit a contract in where we can discuss the terms and mechanics of us aiding the attack or defense campaign.

Do you have any plans to expand the guild outside of Skelanos and Falzame, perhaps houses in the different duchies?

No, our guilds have no interest in gaining more territory within or outside of AL-Khezam, we want gold and fame, thats all. To become the ruthless warriors of legends, that makes armies flee in fear.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about The Bloodborn?

In the end, I would like for the people to know that the County of Skelanos is a mercenary county, but that is not all we are. We will have schools, hospitals, trading guilds, research projects and other ventures open for everyone to join, be it as a member of our county or not.

Also, The Bloodborn are one part of a series of specialized mercenary clans. They are:

The Bloodborn (light armor and assassination) The Goldborn (ranged combat) The Steelborn (heavy infantry) The Highborn (mounted combat)

Thank you for taking the time to share more details with us, and best wishes to you moving forward!

12/24/2018 12:02:21 AM #2



I sent this list of questions:

Tell us about your childhood. Where you grew up, what your family was like, things like that?

What was your favorite toy?

Did you attend university? Where? What was your major area of study?

What is your favorite piece of literature?

Who has had the greatest influence on you growing up?

What are your goals in life?

How do you plan to achieve your goals?

Do you have some kind of philosophy that guides you in life? Not a religion, but perhaps a mantra or motto that helps you stay on course?

What is your greatest personal fear?

What random thing makes you happy? Sad?

What hobbies do you have other than gaming?

What do you do for a living? Is it what you planned, and if not, how did it come to be your career?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

What are you most thankful for in your life?

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life and what did you learn from it?

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you have ever done? Why did you do it? Do you regret it?

What is one thing you wish you knew how to do that you are no good at?

Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

Is there anything else about yourself you would like to share with everyone?

What he sent back was a personal look at himself, an autobiography, if you will.

I came kicking and screaming into this world on one of the most important days in our (Bahrain) calendar—December 17, which is our National Day. Thus, my parents have had a double reason to celebrate for the past three decades.

To say I had a lovely childhood would be an understatement. I was blessed with loving parents and grandparents, brothers and a first cousin who engaged in every game, escapade and dare we children could think of.

My greatest influence would have to be my grandfather-may he Rest in Peace. He left us to a better place in Heaven where we’ll meet in time. To me he was more than a grandpa, he was a legend that I looked up to in everything. And from him I learnt to always give more than asked for. Always strive to give a little more than previously given before, and with that to leave a legacy behind when it is my turn to join him in Heaven, hopefully leaving the world a better place for those that knew me.

Most of my fondest memories of early childhood occur during the summer holidays (no school- hurrah), when my brothers, first and second cousins, and I would all travel together with our parents. These holidays were filled with fun and excitement during which we faced no shortage of ideas on ways to get into trouble, often having to just as quickly think of ways to get out of the trouble we’d gotten ourselves into. The three summer months were spent between London, Marbella and a third city, depending on what tickled my parents’ fancy that particular year.

Our parents believed in the power of play—outdoors rather than indoors. Not for us were long days spent cooped up inside a house, staring at walls or lounging on the couch. No, we were ‘encouraged’ (sometimes kicked out) to get out of the house and explore the world at large. We found that the days seemed to speed by when we were engaged from dawn to dusk in every kind of sport we could think of, from football with whomever we happened to meet at the park (thus making new friends every day) to rollerblading, which was my absolute favorite and one I think excelled in, due to the speed with which I picked up a few tricks. My dear mother probably disagrees, judging from the number of scars I now sport courtesy of those stunts.

In the evenings, worn out from the outdoor physical activities, yet too wired to sleep, out would come the indoor games: an original Nintendo Gameboy and a Sega Gamegear were always a favorite, along with Monopoly and other board games. We also enjoyed a card game or two and would continue long into the night, until we’d dropped off to sleep one by one, or the adults had had enough of the bickering and allegations of cheating.

I can’t really pinpoint a particular toy that I could say was my favorite, but I had probably a store’s worth of toys still packed in their original boxes that I hadn’t quite enough time to get around to playing with--mostly remote controller cars and boats, as well as other video game gadgets and mobile devices such as the Gameboy in all its myriad releases.

Lest I seem ungrateful or wasteful, it is worth pointing out that my favorite ‘toy’ (when I was not completely immersed in my latest book) was my computer, and everyone knows that a computer ‘geek’ has little time for anything else, once he or she starts playing the latest game.

One incident comes to mind that perfectly shows my attachment to my computer. It happened on a weekend (not a school night, luckily). I woke up in the middle of the night, heart pounding and brain aflame with the urge to go and play Civilization—my favorite game at the time. So engrossed with it I was, that I played through the night, not even stopping to get myself a cup of water or a packet of crisps to provide me with some necessary fuel. Well, nature eventually won and I slumped over in a dead sleep, somehow ending up under our oversized OTT early nineties computer’s desk. Our family then learned that said desk was possibly the best hiding spot in the entire house, when in the morning there was quite a chaotic scene which ensued when our long suffering nanny had to inform my parents that one of their four delightful sons was missing. A parent’s worst fear—with all sorts of scenarios one never wants to think about coming to mind. Before everyone got too frantic, in I walked from the office to witness everyone at the front door in a panic. There was no getting out of the explanation I owed everyone, considering the bleary-eyed, mussed up state I was in. Though in hindsight, I like to think I was giving my dear parents a practice run for when there would be other times a son wasn’t in bed when he should have been.

Always think of others—that is my motto and it has served me well.

Literature has played a great role in my life, from the novels and fairy tale type stories of my childhood to my collection of Educational Publications from the University of Midlands.

Out of all the books my Goosebumps collection has pride of place in my house and in my heart. I have to thank my father for that—he was the one who encouraged me to read Night of the Living Dummy, Werewolf in the Room and the rest of them. Though perhaps he hadn’t quite anticipated just how strong my imagination was. What would he have thought had he any inkling of how much I feared Jumanji. How the thought of the Goosebumps monsters coming to life kept me awake at night. Or, how after hours spent nose deep in one of those tales, my father would tell us to hop into the car to get some shawarma, LEAVING the car to go and place our order, with little old me staring about in sheer terror, just dreading the appearance of a Goosebumps monster. And what about the Haunted Car! –what if our car was more than it appeared? To a child, the line between reality and imagination can be very thin, if practically non-existent.

My love of stories doesn’t stop there though, I also recall being entranced by the Norse Sagas, Viking Sea Adventures, tales of love, loss, piracy, adventure, swashbuckling heroes, mythical monsters, wizards, witches, warlocks and enchantresses. There are times I close my eyes or catch a scent that reminds me of where I was when reading a particular book, and I can recapture those feelings once more, if only fleetingly. Nevertheless, my all-time-favorite, still-not-bested-by-any-other-book- or- series has to be the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have read every book at least twice and still find myself picking up one at random, opening on to any page and soon finding myself right back in the world she’s created, lost to my friends and family once again.

Having developed a life-long interest in the books, it’s no wonder I couldn’t miss out an opportunity to travel and discover the Scottish Highlands. I did just that, and it’s a time that will be imprinted in my memory for the rest of my life. I will never forget the beauty and the wildness of the lands that I walked through, retracing Clare Randal’s paths, reminiscing as I walked of her struggles and trials, as well as her triumphs. Scotland has a ruggedness to its beauty and it is like nowhere else on Earth. To any who love the books as much as I do, I definitely recommend that you visit it at least once, to get a real sense of the place Diana has brought to life.

When it comes to ‘reality’, I haven’t slacked on reading—of that I can assure you. My parents, teachers, and my own love of a good read and natural curiosity made certain of that.

While I do love learning about history, sociology, World events both in the past and present, I’ve found that I can’t think of a historical figure to be honest that could be my favorite--there are so many that have contributed to humanity. You’d probably find me fascinated about one person today and another the day after. But for now, I would say Christopher Columbus is the historical figure that is of particular interest to me. Maybe because I’m in the vibe of discovering the unexplored land of Elyria. And determined to revoke the myth of a flat, finite Elyria.

From the wonderful, magical days of childhood until now, I have not lost my love of books, games, or technology. But my teenage days-- I would say--was when the penny dropped. And naturally all the activities I enjoyed were subject to wilder upgrades, for instance remote control cars turned into fuel-based monsters rather than miniatures charged with batteries for speed. Movie time was more often Hollywood and Bollywood than Disney, and rollerblade tricks graduated into jumps, rim slides and 360’s. Yet most importantly, throughout all of this, console and computer games remained the core of any fun activity when I was hanging out with my friends.

Following school, I embarked on my university career with the idea of getting a degree in Computer Science (mostly due to my interest in video games. Yes, my childhood love of gaming led me to believe that what I wanted more than anything else was to study programming languages such as C++ and Java). Surprising those who knew me best, I actually stuck around for a few classes and created my very own sophisticated calculator. But that was it. Finished!! Never to be entertained again. My love of gaming has not died, but it did not translate into a love of programming.

I believe as I naturally matured, I came to the realization that there were perhaps more important things in life. Surrounded as we are by hot spots in the Middle East, I grew up learning about the misfortunes of the Palestinians and Africa’s food shortages, amongst other things. I learnt to be thankful and grateful for all the luxuries of life that I was blessed with and came to understand what my grandfather and parents had wanted me to learn, all throughout my childhood. I realized that I wanted to get involved with the United Nation’s humanitarian work in those regions. Pity I never realized that dream.

I think, looking back, that my biggest mistake in life was during those frenetic years of university, when I realized my life’s passion was to help others and I had the opportunity to study International Politics and Humanitarian Aid, yet I did not transfer my major and remained in the field of Computer Science.

What do I do nowadays? Funny you should ask. I specialize in insurance. Yet I do still maintain my interest and keep up to date with the developments of my surroundings—both humanitarian and scientific.

I have the opportunity to read about Global warming, natural and humanitarian catastrophes, and our responses to them. It is quite disheartening to see how conflicted our leaders seem to be when it comes to addressing the problems we as a human race face, not to mention the animals and fauna who share this planet with us. I would say I’m a strong advocate of the One World and a firm supporter of human rights across the globe.

As I get older, I continue to learn more about myself and the world around me, while being grateful for the life I have been given and content with what I have. I know that so long as I’m living, there are always new things I can do, learn and try. I know that my passion for making the world a better place will lead me to a point in my life where I will be able to fulfill my grandfather’s mandate and make the world a better place.

I want to learn a new language and I would like it to be French. It sounds interesting from the history of the country, its food, its culture and literature to simply the sounds of the letters themselves.

Other items on my bucket list are to learn kite surfing and the piano, and maybe publish my own short story one day.

On a daily basis, I am not short of interests that keep me occupied well past my ‘bedtime’, though my days of curling up under the computer desk are long over. Besides video games, I enjoy playing football--which I do at least twice a week, enjoying the fresh and good company of my friends and those I have grown up with. If I crave a little more adventure and the feel of wind rushing through my scalp, then I have a choice between horse riding and wake boarding, depending on the weather, horse’s temper and the tides. Rollerblading is an activity I indulge in all too rarely nowadays but if I ever find the time and energy to take it up again, I wouldn’t surprise myself if I rediscover a love for it (and add a few more mementos to the tapestry of scars that I currently sport). Snowboarding was an amazing experience and I would love nothing more than to repeat it yearly. There’s so much more that I could do outdoors and I would very much enjoy, yet having the time for all that is a struggle, as any one of us who are faced with adulthood, career, starting or raising a family know.

It is ironic that once we achieve a certain level of independence from parents and have our own income, that our ability to make the time to do what it was we’d sworn to do as children is no longer within our grasp, by forces beyond our control.

Being from a sunny island you would imagine most activities I engage in during my free time are outdoors. When I am indoors, my readers will find that I am just the same as when I was a wild, carefree, and apt to give my nanny premature grey hairs youngster. If my nose isn’t in a book before I turn off the lights at night or on my way to the office (currently reading both the Magna Carta and Lord John and the Private Matters), then you will find me engrossed in yet another video game.

Back in the days I used to play a lot of board games with family and friends, but thanks to my superior skills and the number of undefeated wins that I’ve laid claim to, though many have tried, I find myself not invited to these games as often as I would wish. This is, of course, a joke. Most of my childhood companions are in the same boat as I—unable to find the time to indulge in past times such as these, though I would very much love a sophisticated immersive board game that lasts for hours on end with companions as eager to lose track of time and the outside world as I. No, any spare time spent gaming with family and friends is limited to card games.

I want to end with something interesting about myself but I can’t really think of anything at the moment, other than what I’ve already shared. I suppose, like most people, I have my moments when I feel I am capable of changing the World, moments in which profound thoughts come to me, making me feel I am on par with Voltaire, Socrates, even Newton. And then there are times, like everyone else, when I struggle to string two words together.

So from whence do I find meaning in life—whether philosopher or dunce? It’s simple really, my life revolves around my family—both those I was born a part of and those who I have met on my path to adulthood. I believe that meaning is derived from having a solid foundation that comes in part from having firm connections with those around you, a grounding that gives you the stability you need to reach for your goals, while knowing that there are those waiting to catch you if you stumble. It’s that foundation and support that gives me the courage to follow my dreams, knowing that life is to be experienced and that my personal philosophy and approach to life is fluid—shaped by experiences that come my way and how I respond to them.

It’s progressive—in every sense of the word. For now, I would say, being selfless is not a bad thing, permit loving yourself to love others. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, be a giving person and leave a memory that you would love to remember if the roles were reversed. Memories come in all forms: be it a scar that hurt and yet I’ve learnt from, or a reminiscing moment of affection that cannot be described with even thousands of words by the most skillful of orators, but must be experienced in full in order to be felt.

And, above all, in the words of Charlie Chaplin: always smile (though your heart is breaking), always be thankful and show gratitude for whatever life brings to you. For instance: a tiny piece of chocolate could literally make my day, if I were on a diet (which I never am, and even if I were, chocolate wouldn’t be on the naughty list as it is a ‘super food’), yet even without the constrictions of ‘diet’, a simple piece of chocolate will literally make my day. Or, it could be something as simple as a word of encouragement or a pat on the back. Any of the above works wonders and fuels me to continue do what I do best.

The one thing I never realized, or prepared for until it smacked me in the face, was to let go of the ones that held the most influence over me and left a huge mark in my soul with their departure. Over the course of last year, I’ve lost some of the most influential people in my life, who were family members or those who came into my life at the right moment. In either case, their leaving to the Elysian Fields have left a huge hole in my heart, and there are days when I feel I have been literally punched in the guts when a sudden, unexpected memory pops up in my brain, driving all rational thought to one side. That this is a part of life that all must go through does not make it any easier. No matter who we are or where we come from, we all must experience loss, and if it doesn’t break us, it at least leaves us with scars, albeit more hidden than those from athletic pursuits. This is a part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to go through. I guess that’s how the story is written up in the sky. I’ve learnt, through these experiences, the sorrow and the tears, to value the strength of vulnerability, acceptance, and resilience. Not so much fear, as why fear what will happen to all of us? But it has encouraged me to relentlessly resist the routine of the modern life in favour of a life less traveled, but one I would consider well-lived. Setbacks, discouragement and a lack of progress means I ought to try smarter, maybe harder and with a different path. Perhaps that’s my advice for the day.

I am just another human, striving to do my best to make it from one day to the next, traveling this path we call life, in hopes of living as a good, decent human and thus being accepted into Heaven when my time is over. I might be influenced by the natural desires of a human being—desires celebrated by the ancient Gods and Goddesses such as Innana and Dionysus and are certainly ones shared by all of us. But that’s strictly P.G. 21 rated- a story for another day with some fine drinks and a generous helping of popcorn—once I know you better.

For now, I’d say my philosophy is: always think positive—look for the best in life and your own situation, believe in yourself, and you’ll achieve your hearts’ desires. Meanwhile I’ll be here- indulging in a game I’ve long waited for while cheering others on in order to pass the time. Love yourself, your loved ones, and your life. Cherish every moment. And be grateful, as life is finite and we all leave this life when it is our time to go. Just be sure to leave some memories with others to think on and enjoy once you are gone.

12/24/2018 12:02:29 AM #3


Here, we will regularly get to know a (potential) friend from another kingdom.

Once again, I wanted our first guest to be a special one.

I could think of none better than this man.

Again, I sent a list of questions and got so much more than I hoped in return.

Tell us about your childhood. Where you grew up, what your family was like, things like that?

I was born in a Ras Al Khaimah, which at the time was more of a town than an actual city. It developed rapidly recently, but unlike our Capital, or Dubai. It had more of a natural growth to it. The neighbourhood I grew up in was very simple, it felt like a small village by the sea side more than anything, and for most of my childhood I never went far from it. Many times we had no electricity or running water. Wasn't the best of infrastructure out there. We often used the sea for our needs, and slept on the rooftop for a hint of a cold breeze. Life was very basic then.

My family was very large. I am the oldest son, to the oldest son in the family, there was 3 cousins older than I, but they lived in a far town, since my aunt moved out to be with her husband where his family was. I was lucky to be surrounded by many loving uncles and aunts. We all lived in a single house back then, so it was always crowded.
I certainly didn't get to enjoy the limelight for long, a year and a half later my brother was born, and now I have 8 siblings under me, so our family got to grow even bigger, with all the cousins and nephews joining the fray too. It certainly is different having such a large, yet close knit family, and I am thankful to be part of it.

What was your favorite toy?

I don't think I had a favorite one really. There could be a few, but since me and my brother would either fight over them or break them, they didn't last long.

My father was always amused by technology, and so he bought himself an Atari 2600, which we pretty much took over, me and my brother. Then we moved to the famicom eventually, and well I guess I was a gamer for as far as I can remember. Though I was always more passionate about my bicycles.

Did you attend university? Where? What was your major area of study?

I attended the Higher college of Technology in the UAE, but I never got to finish it past the first year, my family had monetary commitment issues and I had to get myself a job. I eventually managed to take a diploma in electronics from Singapore Polytechnic, then stopped, but I do plan to continue my education in the near future.

What is your favorite piece of literature?

I am not sure what qualifies as literature, but I was always into historical books more than anything. I guess the idea of books being used as entertainment was strange to me for the longest of time. Only recently I've picked up fiction and novels (things like Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, etc), but otherwise I've mostly read historical books.

My favorite, I believe, has no English version. The name would translate to something close to "A Knight's saddle in the history of the Arabs of Persia, or the riding of a knight etc" but it's not to related to knights or horses, it is about the historical and political scene of various Arabic tribes, that settled in the coast of Persia. Another of mine would be The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History. Also reading about Islamic topics of war and prominent kings was always entertaining and also part of the curriculum of our schools.

Who has had the greatest influence on you growing up?

My grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. He led a difficult life, and everything we have today, we owe to him, and his hard work. He suffered great troubles, left his old country and rebuilt himself in a new country.

What are your goals in life?

It's hard to say, I've dabbled in many things, and I always wanted to make it big in whatever field I was in. I guess at some point I used to aim high. I was doing very well, but I've taken a big setback recently, so currently I just want to be back where I was and get back on track. Though being a renowned writer is probably the hardest one to achieve, out of all my goals. Also at this point, I think normal things like having a successful career and starting a family.

How do you plan to achieve your goals?

While my intention is to eventually publish books, currently I've written for a few small movies, a comic series, few small TV projects, which is all locally, and nothing too noticeable, just getting my practice on. But eventually I hope to get to write stories that are popular, regardless of the medium, and I am working on it, little by little.

Do you have some kind of philosophy that guides you in life? Not a religion, but perhaps a mantra or motto that helps you stay on course?

Aside from religion, I guess Karma. Just treat people as you wish to be treated, nothing special.

What is your greatest personal fear?

There is nothing specific that scares me, like phobias, if we are talking about that. Even in my time in the military, I wouldn't say I had any unnatural fears. It's mostly the future of where we are going that scares me now. That is what I always find myself thinking about, what if one day all that I've lived for, suddenly is no more.

What random thing makes you happy? Sad?

I am always a happy guy, according to the people that know me. I mostly am happiest when I see my friends and family. I'd say I just learned nothing is really worth getting upset about, at least not staying hung up on for long.

Random things - I guess would be a dog in the street, that runs up to me, or meeting friendly strangers while traveling and making friends. I love to joke and mess with people in a friendly manner, and I love it when they enjoy themselves or have a good laugh.

The only thing that really makes me sad, is when I miss some people that are no longer with us in this world.

What hobbies do you have other than gaming?

I love cars, and working on them at my workshop, although I haven't had time for that in a long time. Writing, and when it comes to sports, boxing. Traveling is also one of my favorite things, but I haven't done any since 2016.

What do you do for a living? Is it what you planned, and if not, how did it come to be your career?

I certainly haven't planned to be where I am today, it happened due to some unique shifts of strategy and circumstances due to the Yemen war.

I worked in the police at the beginning (which is considered military experience in the UAE), then later I switched to military manufacturing with my diploma. As an electrician first, then QC inspector, then later QA officer. I was shifted between various companies, where they needed my skills.

Then I had a unique contract to work on field when the Yemen war started. With my experience, I was initially involved as civilian, but then was enlisted. I've been in the military since, which is coming to an end soon as well.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Nothing that comes to mind specifically, as in personality or mentality. Mostly work on my education and career. Though I do find myself always getting busy with unimportant things, or usually waiting for the perfect circumstances to do something I wanted. But I realize sometimes those opportunities never come, and you have to work hard to create them.

I used to have terrible temper, literal blind range when I was younger, but I think I've managed it well for the past years. Until a very popular incident, that I believe a lot of people have heard about already, which also, probably falls under a question that comes later, Hahahaha.

What are you most thankful for in your life?

My friends and family, I could never ask for a better company, especially in the past few years.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your life and what did you learn from it?

I'd say not completing my education. I've missed great opportunities. Especially missing on my sponsorship abroad.

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Serving my country, in the military. I haven't done something larger than myself like that before, and regardless of the bumps I hit, I am very proud of it.

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you have ever done? Why did you do it? Do you regret it?

Going on a hike in the Sri Lankan mountains without food or drinks. Because my friends and I, we ate the rations on the way, and then they thought it'd be a short trip, so we don't need to resupply.

Let's just say having dehydration in the middle of nowhere is not fun. Also don't run to the nearest river you see without making sure, I ended up getting stuck in shifting muds under the waterbed, thanks god there was plenty of plants to hang into. I lost my shoes in the mud, and I had to continue barefeet for the rest of the trip in rocky mountains. It was terrible, and stupid. But I think it made for an amazing story and memory with my best friends.

So no regrets, but definitely a lesson learned.

What is one thing you wish you knew how to do that you are no good at?

Playing music! I try so hard and fail miserably every time.

Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

Conan the barbarian... What do you mean he isn't real?

Is there anything else about yourself you would like to share with everyone?

As you have probably noticed from the interview, I am very family and career centered, when it comes to my path in life. Making them proud, and giving them a better future is what I aspire for the most. But in return I neglected myself, and after hitting a real hard place in life, I've realized that life could suddenly change and take you to an unexpected place, out of your comfort. I've learned it's best not to dwell on what people think, or on failures. Learn from it for sure, and there is always tomorrow, with opportunities and the chance to fix the past. So don't let it upset you, don't beat yourself over it, and keep going. * *I guess, I lead a very simple life, and I find joy in the small things, while trying to keep it real and grounded.

Just like everyone else, I have plans of grandeur, and plans of maybe ruling the world one day.

12/24/2018 12:25:36 AM #4

I'm honestly so glad to have joined this kingdom :D

Too many nice people that hold together like nothing else. Even if I'm not the most active on Discord, it's already been a great time with all of you.

And with that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! <3

P.S.: Thanks Sang for this amazing read and look back on past events!

12/24/2018 8:50:47 AM #5

Brilliant work Sanguinesh in keeping all the good memories stick with us. Truly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Thank you!

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looking great! <3

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Awesome post!

The owl gif is just too fitting ^^

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12/24/2018 6:05:02 PM #8

A very enjoyable post to read! Thank you Sang for putting a smile on face.

12/24/2018 9:55:39 PM #9

Nice! You really put a lot of effort into this :) Can't wait for the next piece!

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A supreme post and a great start for the Al-Khezam Chronicler!

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tihihi Dragor :3

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Sanguinesh the news reporter. Now I've seen it all.

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Good read! Looking forward to the next one.

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