My influence points are gone! :O (BUG)

I dont know if its website bug or something but i hade approximately 8250 points. I got influence points thru inviting friends, it was about 2 years ago i invited my friends and was active with the community and then i took a pause from this and now i'm back to see how far the project have come, and I noticed that my influence is set to 0!

Please help me CoE/SBS! :'(

12/24/2018 8:05:34 PM #1

You do not have any influence point due to the likely fact that none of the people who used your code had purchased the game during the 2 year period.

You only get 50 influence per person that both used your code and also buys the game.

12/24/2018 8:24:09 PM #2

Umm, my guess is all this was maybe on a different account?

If you were active in the community, and purchased the game, it doesn't make sense that you are sitting at 1 forum post, and 0 rank.

Maybe this was not the account you were active with?

12/24/2018 9:53:47 PM #3

The previous replies would be correct. You don't have a package nor any activity on your account so you wouldn't have any Influence Points.

Thank you.

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