Maulvorn's New Year Mayor giveaway!

Alright as the mayor package will have left the store by the end of this giveaway this is many of you guys last attempt at getting a FREE mayor package!

This will be an informal affair and as such here are the rules.

Write an RP background of you or one of your characters interaction with the Kingdom of Alesia, including the Duchy of Thearyn, brownie points if you list correct place/title names!

And to tie it in make it related to a new years resolution in-game!

I'll decide who gets it on the 5th January

Post entries in this thread

Anyone can post!

Firstly I would like to say that all the entries so far have been far more in-detail and well made than what I expected; It has taken a lot of review and reflection to decide who won!

As it was a very tough decision I decided it would be proper to add a second prize! Which is a 10$ gift card!

Now to announce the winner!

The Whisper - a very well written, researched piece complete with an appendix - The reason it won out over the runner up prize is that (from my knowledge) they collaborated not just with there own community but reached out across the wider Alesian and Thearyn community for feedback, proofreading and came up with a multifaceted, engaging story that showed what could be developed from just one mechanic in CoE - the rumour mechanic - and made it a good narrative! ( I confirmed this by contacting some of the names mentioned in the appendix)

the runner up is.....

Sandor - a very enjoyable, well written piece with a fantastic story that has intrigue, romance and conflict. I felt it would be unfair to not award this multi-part story and hopes he/she carries on the saga!

Now I want to wish everyone who entered good luck in the stories of there characters! This won't be the last giveaway, rest assured you will get more chances to win goodies, might not be mayor giveaways but Bloodline and related giveaways!

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who won?

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Posted By Athorias at 10:15 AM - Thu Jan 10 2019

who won?

This one

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