[NA-W] Quill & Sword's Guild

Quill & Blade's Guild

Motto: Red Ink, Black Blood

Founder: Dragan Darkholm

Location: Duchy of Duskholm, County of Frémir


Duskholm (and/or seek me in DM)

Darkholm (and/or seek me in DM)


This guild aims to provide a place for scholars to train and improve their skills with weapons from a scientific perspective. It is meant to be a place for hybrid characters to share knowledge of the disciplines they are specialized in, whilst also dabbling in the study of arms and combat.

The idea of this project is inspired by the fencing manuals of the XV's century and those that followed, where swordsmanship is treated as a scientific knowledge. I thought this way of understanding the ways of steel would appeal to many archetypes that hesitate on joining an order, and to those who want a role in battle, but don't want it to come before their other studies.

Our structure is meant to follow traditional Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master roles, with the latter varying according to each member's Lore focus.

As an organization, it aims to increase the amounts of military trained scholars to bolster the defenses of our realm, provide self-defense lessons to those who need them, and establish a place where swordsmen of culture share ideas and knowledge.


- Some of us know astronomy and arms are two sides of the same coin - He said, with the hands full of ink stains and a pile of parchments to his side. - You know, it is said if you follow the steps in the center circle, you can prepare your guard for any direction, there is a specific way to count. -

With his eyes in a different place, the young Dras got up, putting his hands and feet in a very particular pose and meticulously counting the steps.

- Like this... *- He said, and smiled lightly - *This parchment is different, it shows the movements and trajectories of the sword. You see? Everything counts! even the length of your sword... and the part that is in contact with your opponent. - The Darkholm turned and smiled to his guest, then shook his head...

Sorry, I disgress... What can I do for you?

How do I join? What are the conditions?

To join, just contact me in DM, if in doubt, I'll be listed in any of the mentioned Discord channels. The guild doesn't aim to be exclusive: after all, I'd love to have the heads of other scholar guilds to share their knowledge, or some knights with a passion for knowledge... but I'd be more than happy to welcome any members who want to make this organization their preferred one.

Scholar partner organizations

Royal Blackheart Society of Alchemists and Physicians

1/5/2019 3:39:51 AM #1

Words wage wars, but swords win battles. I love the concept and post, Dragan. I look forward to working with you.

1/5/2019 3:45:53 AM #2

Very well done. I appreciate the art and scholarly approach to Swordsmanship. It was this very style that inspired me to come to this game. I look forward to seeing the Quill & Swords in all their glory—fighting beside my Black Knights and educating many in the art of the ancient duel.

1/5/2019 4:01:07 AM #3

My dearest Dragan,

I am pleased to host this amazing guild in the county of Bindings! A well educated populace in the arts of steel is a well defended one. You have my support and I look forward to your future success.


1/5/2019 4:34:29 AM #4

The write up is great Dragan, for those who venture out into the beautiful world inherited by menn, being able to defend one's self should be a priority for behind such beauty many dangers lie, as someone hoping to be a blend of both scholar and warrior i find this idea to be most true. Swordsmanship as a art of science, I look forward to conversing with many like minded individuals over the concept.

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