As there is only one EU server how will we all handle multiple languages in various kingdoms?

I ask because I used to be heavily into Eve Online and I was part of a corp that was very international. We had members from Russia, France, and Germany along with English speakers as well. After a while, everything broke down. This was due to different people at different levels of leadership not being able to communicate with each other due to the language barrier. I don't want to join a kingdom or duchy only to find out no one speaks English and I can't communicate with anyone. I have enough problems with social anxiety as is lol.

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Personally I don't really see the issue. We are an international community with English as its main language in a German oriented County and a German orientated Duchy. We have a few people who speak German and we arranged everything with them. We have our community and our own people to communicate with and when a problem arises we have people on both sides that can translate. You just have to make sure that the community you are joining is English orientated then and has (very) good relations to the non-english communities around you.

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Not really had much issue before in online games as most people are quite up front about languages so you can at least make an educated choice and many people also have at least passable English as a commonality. There'll always be moments when people talk in their native tongue but thats natural. Only real problem can be in pvp - nothing like having your target caller speaking in a language you don't know. Here we have a very mixed Duchy of well over 200 active people spread all over Europe and as far as Russia... with a smattering from a lot further away. If I'm honest I just find it scary how good the English of most gamers is..... even our Russians speak fluent English (whereas the Russian they've taught me is probably mostly swear words but luckily I only ever try to use it around them!).

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Posted By xXGamerKatXx at 8:44 PM - Tue Jun 18 2019

maybe u could hire a translator

Completely agree, would be a great idea for the wealthier bunch that can afford to throw around some gold for a translator in sensitive matters. Perhaps in diplomacy, politics etc. Not even from a gameplay/feature perspective, but as a community-based concept seems interesting, to maybe have your scouts go from town to town, searching for a bilingual character willing to assist.

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