Purchase Surname button does not lead anywhere

The button on the Surnames page to purchase a surname does not do anything. Doing an inspect element, it seems that the anchor tag does not have an href leading to anywhere. Might I suggest the shop page where you can purchase the Gentry packages and get a surname?

Cheers, TearsOfLA

1/25/2019 3:29:49 AM #1

So, the purchase button actually does have a function it takes you to your cart with the surname & coat of arms within it looking like this:

However, I'm guessing that if you already have that, it doesnt take you there as you already have purchased it?

1/30/2019 9:46:43 PM #2

That button uses Javascript and not HREF to complete the process.

If you have Javascript disabled, the button will not function.

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1/31/2019 12:36:39 AM #3

Can confirm it all works for most - if not all other - people. If you are still having issues (it wasn't javascript being disabled) why not try jumping into the official discord? They have channels for assistance and bugs.