I greetings from turkey I've been following your game for a long time and I want to get this game but in terms of turkey dollar dry too high royal package $ 235 So our first monthly salary in turkey Could you please make sales to Turkey than the turkey prices Can you download prices for turkey Thank you very much I wish you continued success

2/4/2019 2:04:21 AM #1

The prices are in USD and are currently projected to remain that amount for the foreseeable future~ They may change the prices at a later date but that currently isn't a feature available.

The Royal packages are no longer available ~ you can only buy a package from the adventurer tier or the gentry tier.

2/4/2019 3:08:24 AM #2

The expensive packages are a luxury for pretty much everyone. The royal packages were thousands of US dollars - the equivalent of a month's salary for many of us, too.

The alternative to asking the company to make an exception for one country and reduce the price of luxury packages is to choose a base package that you can afford. We all have budgets and paid for the package we could comfortably buy.

2/4/2019 10:19:04 PM #3

Responded to same question from OP via support ticket.

Question has been answered.

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