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Hello everyone, I am looking for a guild who wants to group up and build a city. I kind of want to get more into the business/administrating side of the game and build up from the cheapest pack and make a village. As a side, I also want to be a character who specializes on more assassin/archery type skills if there are any guilds who want someone like me please message me, thank you.

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Hi sir, welcome!

I am from NA-W, and we are building a settlement focusing on exploration (without ocean travelling). The mayor is my friend. We are going to start out having a settlement from domain selection, not sure would it be a town or a city though. So.. by Administrating, do you mean tax collecting? or writing contracts?

We will be encouraging our citizens to produce exploration products, and looking to build a engineering team to build infrastructures for our county / Duchy, and hopefully eventually our kingdom.

At the moment, we are in dire needs of a scribe to provide the service of writing contracts for our citizens.

Feel free to drop any questions you got!

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If you're wanting buisiness and administration them please look no further than the DireWolf Trading Company. We are run out of a double city with ties to other nearby locations and organizations such as Labbes alchemical potion shop and the Knights of Valor. Because we will be creating such a large logistics network not only for us but our associates we will be in "Dire" need of people interested in administration! Thank you for your time, I hope you find a greatyl community.

Please read our post and stop by our Discord.


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If your looking for something a little different give me a Pm.

Were NA-East rather then West.

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