‘Unbalanced’ (or When Waerd Go Bad)


trad. Waerd (children’s rhyming song)

There once was a young Waerd who strayed
From the path his society made
He sold Dras to Janoans for money
Drained blood from their hearts like honey
It’s a terrible thing
To hear a Dras sing
Of a Queen who is dark and not sunny

Two Fold Queen was not happy, oh hell no
“To balance things more blood must now flow!
Take his head and do shrink it
Till it looks like a trinket
And wear it proud as you go”

This stain won’t just wash away
Pale Dras he did so betray
“Go brothers and sisters
Kill this filthy resister
Who would throw all Our Waerdness away!”

So The Great Work it came, as we now know
To the rumbling Janoan volcano
Though most were soon taken
By beasts thought forsaken
His head left his shoulders akimbo

So carve this story on stones
In minds, in hearts and in tomes
To those who betray Us
Our children will play Us
Sweet tunes on your hollow leg bones


But jungle life, Oh how it had called him!
To betray all his family and brethren
To the Faedin he made
Sacrifices and stayed
Caprakani till his red heart was taken

Written for the Kingdom of Caprakan lore contest - Dras week!(OCE server)

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