[EU/Al'Khezam/Feann] City of Wyvenor

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Greetings Friend, welcome to Wyvenor the city of Colors. If you are looking for a city that is not being built but rather evolving, if you are devoted to the Fine Arts, or if you have simply come to visit this wondrous place, it matters not. Now that you have arrived here you will always return.

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Welcome again, my name is Kell and I am the mayor of this humble settlement. My vision for this home of mine is a simple but ambitious one. I want to create a city with history and soul, a city that has evolved over time and developed a kind of unique charm to it.

To that effect, I want to gather a playerbase that is interested in the Cultural Aspects of this game and develop our city into a true tourist attraction, a gem that one has to visit at least once in a lifetime.

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As such, the goals for the city are quite clear-cut, but still numerous:

  • An organic city design

    Instead of min-maxing, the goal is to achieve a realistic city design while still giving the players as much creative freedom as possible. To that end we as community will create a long term development plan to avoid issues like relocation of buildings or bottlenecks in the infrastructure.

  • A hub for all kind of different styles and materials

    To allow people to be creative and try out new styles, be it something new in fashion, building or even furniture, it is necessary to combine as much knowledge and as many resources as possible. To make this possible, a lively economy is necessary and will be promoted accordingly. For that purpose, we will also feature a branch of the Golden Goose Company in our city.

  • A heavy focus on Events, Crafting and RP

    In the long term and if the game allows us to do so, the aim is to create a city with a healthy event scene that can draw in visitors from all around the duchy or even beyond. These events could be concerts, fashion shows or fairs. All depending on what the game allows us to do.

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While the exact location is unclear till domain selection, we will be part of the Duchy of Feann in the kingdom of Al'Khezam. As such we will settle in the grasslands along the coast, or near a big river. The style of the city will mainly be Neran at the beginning, but we will work towards developing it into a more sophisticated one, through incorporating the style and material available from the other tribes.

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We need you!

As mentioned above this is an overly ambitious project, and as such we will welcome people of all Tribes, Faiths and Professions in our hall. Right now we are mainly looking for people that are willing to help shape the city before launch or want to realize their projects together with us.

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Additional Notes

  • While RP is encouraged it is not mandatory
  • When Domain Selection starts this thread will be updated with more precise information and a clear vision for the development of the city
  • We have cookies, I promise

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Links and Projects

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Check out the Chronicles of the Angry Boar, to learn more about the oldest and most famous Tavern in Wyvenor

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3/3/2019 4:11:16 PM #3

I love this concept, and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

3/3/2019 4:28:49 PM #4

Charming mayor painting a beautiful picture of a city. Well done with the presentation.

I love your vision with this and I hope to see your city evolve and prosper.

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3/3/2019 9:15:57 PM #5

Well done work, Kell

The city of Wyvenor is one of those ones I eager to wait seeing them flourishing!

3/7/2019 4:50:11 PM #6

Thank you, everyone, I can't wait to bring this project to fruition with all this awesome support by our Duchies and Kingdom. I believe we can create something truly memorable here.

4/6/2019 2:56:39 PM #7

Since there is some time until the start of D&SS I decided to start a little project, behold the original Angry Boar. The oldest Tavern in Wyvenor and a true institution in the city.

Keep your eyes peeled on this thread for future updates, to catch a small glimpse on the city that Wyvenor ought to become.

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5/10/2019 12:37:46 AM #8

Nice post and I really like the Angry Boar project! It's fun to watch it evolve!

5/25/2019 10:42:55 AM #9

We are happy to welcome our first citizen in Wyvenor. Here's for more to come.

The Angry Boar Series is going into the next round, be sure to check out Age II if you are interested in running a Tavern, or simply enjoy a nice MC build

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