The tale of the .....

The ..... is who stay on the light but the shadows cover him, The ..... is who the hate the shadow but give one of the largest ones. The ..... bearing maybe a dagger maybe a sword or maybe a fork who knows, he always took the best for the job even if wasnt the most poweful, efficiency is the key for anything. What job you may ask? The ..... knows everything but will answer nothing, not for been rude nonono, because when his mouth is open, well the people says two things, "If you are the enemy of The .... you will hear rage and curses from him but if not be safe you prob will be calmly put to sleep by a sweet melody" The .... was maybe somebody far ago, but now not even he knows how to name him self he is just....there waiting for his next job, what job? the client can tell you. or maybe he will tell you

Were the adventurer steps the histories and cultures colides with a touch of ale

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