I'm new to CoE - Introduction

Hi all,

Just found this game during a bout of researching MMO type games. Picked up a proprietor pack and look forward to the success of the game. Planned mechanics checked too many boxes for me to not throw some money at this thing and support its continued development.

In the meantime, I've been working on catching up with what's going on and just finished reading through all the Design Journals.

I plan on playing as the Kypiq tribe currently. I love the woods and trees! Exploration and survival sound like a lot of fun.

If there is anything anyone can think of that I should know, please let me know. Also if there are any specific Kingdoms, organizations, etc that I should check out that could be helpful too.

Thanks, and glad to be part of the community!

3/11/2019 7:53:49 PM #1

Welcome! If you have read all the journals and still want to go further down the rabbit hole, then you most likely will enjoy the Q&A-videos on youtube :)

Also you might want to check out CoE on Discord. Some developers pop in there from time to time, and it's a nice place to meet the community.

3/11/2019 7:56:45 PM #2

Welcome! It's wonderful to have you

3/11/2019 11:03:14 PM #3

Welcome to CoE.

3/12/2019 4:11:20 PM #4

Thanks for the welcome and thank you Arki for mentioning the youtube channel!

I didn't realize that there was a decent amount of information there...despite the logical sense in that.

3/13/2019 2:04:05 AM #5

Greetings Sturvos,

Welcome. Hopefully you'll fall in love with the game like the rest of us.

The dev journals are my favorite, but the website now has a lot of information if you highlight over 'Game' for 'overview' and things of that nature.

However, it is important to note. Many of the dev journals are year(s) ago. Most things haven't changed that drastically, but some things have.

Nobility will be picking their regions (county, duchy, and kingdoms) quite soon. Hopefully, you'll get to see the map unfold.

See you around :)

3/13/2019 7:15:31 AM #6

Posted By SturVos at 09:11 AM - Tue Mar 12 2019

... I didn't realize that there was a decent amount of information there...despite the logical sense in that.

There's probably too much information here. It will probably take a while to absorb even the stuff that's easy to find. Not to worry, because if you are patient and polite someone will answer any question you have, and someone else will correct any previous someone who answered wrong.

3/14/2019 3:56:32 PM #7

Welcome to the world of Elyria, friend.

If you want to be Kypiq and you’re in the West, then you should check out Tyria as a home nation.

Everything suggests that we would take Kingdom 3 and Kingdom 3 is the only Kingdom with Kypiq.

But that may change when Domain Selection comes, because.. well... The West hasn’t really agreed entirely on where to put ourselves just yet. Embarrassing, given how close we are to selection, but it is what it is.

I suggest stopping by Tyria to enjoy the bread and wine, but I’d wait until after selection to see if you want to join.

Arrivederci ~

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
Guardian of Tyria
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