History of the Order of the Dark Hosre

Story I

Lord Reinal, First Order of the Dark Horse 

Since the first crown was set on top of the first king's head in Elyria there has been a court held to insure the position was held with honor. In the early years, this court was held by one man alone. His name, Lord Reinal of Elyria. Abbott of his small, humble settlement, he spent most of his day ensuring his people had everything they needed to thrive & instilled honor & respect among his community. For all his efforts he was well respected & loved far beyond his own borders. There was a lot of chaos & pillaging during this time so such a feat was rare in Elyria. 

The day came when the whole of Elyria was tired of the violence & in need of change, they called upon a vote for a sole ruler to gain control. Someone to bring order, stability & justice to all of the terrified residents. After three & a half years of discussion they decided on their first king to rule. On the 14th day of the kings rule, a strict & heartless decision was made by the king to extinguish any settlements that bring dishonor & shame to Elyria for being, what he considered "less than respectable communities". The king was met with much resistance by his advisors, but he never wavered from his decision. 

Over the next few months raids were conducted & thousands of settlements were burned & most residents were erased as if they never existed. Among those settlements was Reinal named after its Lord & protector. One of the only survivors of the raids, Lord Reinal, with a heavy heart & hunger for vengeance, made a vow to hold the king responsible for the tragedy he's brought to Elyria. 

Slowly, over the years, each person that took place in the murders started dropping one by one at the king's highly regarded locations around Elyria. News traveled throughout the continents & the stories reached the king. Fearing he had an army on a path of destruction heading straight thru the front gate of his kingdom, he became paranoid & more psychotic. His subjects started to fear for themselves again, although they never quite recovered from the "Great Reduction" as the Elyrians called the violent extermination of its citizens. With the looming fate on his shoulders the king grew angry & threw himself in the middle of every public engagement, in his mind, taunting his would be usurper. He watched his disciples drop one by one & on the day he found himself a broken man; that's when he found the end to his torment... & his life.

The day after his death a mysterious man showed up with a message to all Elyrians. The message reads: 

to live without honor & respect is to live in fear of the return of the Dark Horse. Find the light. -for Elyria 

Attached was a plan to be announced for the new Kings of Elyria.

Legends have been told that the mysterious man was Lord Reinal himself & that he was responsible for the justice served upon the last King for his horrifying judgement of the innocent. Later, there was a growing rumble about a clan of justice seekers that move quiet through the shadows to bring the light through the darkness & they are said to be… The Order of the Dark Horse.

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