How many of these types of :signed: contracts would work.
  1. Slave- This contract would be signed by a captured person, someone who signs in return for you not killing them that basically requires that they are yours to do with as you please for life. Presumably these would be war/rival captures who would be out of favor with the king and courts.

    Allowing you to enforce these contracts with death as the courts would not be willing to convict.

  2. Indentured servant- This contract is you set a wage, they set a price that they would like to borrow, they then work for free until they pay off their debts for your wages. Abandonment is considered theft, and can be dealt with either by the court, or if the kingdom does not favor indentured servants by yourself.

  3. Employee- The simplest of the contracts, you set a wage, they work for you, you pay them.

  4. Term- This is a loyalty contract. You agree to be under the control of someone one or some group for a set amount of time. You surrender all right to the court, and are under their rules.

    Think of this as something a guild might use.

Which ones do you think would be doable and which ones would you be willing and not willing to sign?

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3/19/2019 8:23:38 PM #16

If you can get another player to agree a contract that says they must do something for zero pay and failure means punishment then that's essentially them becoming slaves and you might persuade them to sign it if you or the group you're a part of is powerful enough to make threats and follow through with them such as destroying things they hold dear, annihilating family members or anything nefarious that can cause generations worth of damage.

3/20/2019 9:28:41 AM #17

You could make your alts slaves of your main character, along the lines of what @Stormbreaker said. Then you could breed your alts, and if they are a part of your family, you would effectively have full control of a group of skill-progressing NPC slaves.

Does anyone know for sure if the above scheme would not work?

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