Mayor Title Contest

Hello Fellow Elyrians!

As you can tell by the title I am going to be running a competition giving away a mayor title from my personal Magistrate Pledge package (Similar to this awesome contest running on the eu server here) Here on the NA-W server! This will not give you the entire package, but it will give you the title and anything attached to it, explained here

Constraints and details aside, you will be competing to win a mayor title on NA-W to be claimed in the Duchy of Thorne.

The Timeline:

In order to allow people to really decide if they want to be in the Duchy of Thorne, the contest will be running into Domain and Settlement Selection. After our duchy selects it’s location on the map you will be given last chance notice until the end of the contest and the results will be announced with time to get the title transferred prior to mayors making their selection! This is to make sure that anyone that wants to make sure Thorne lands in a good location before committing to settling with us has a chance to see where we land. Now that we have information on D&SS, the official contest end date will be 23:59 PST, Tuesday May 14th. Any submissions after the deadline will not be in the running, and the results will be posted Wednesday the 15th.

The Contest:

The contest itself is really quite simple. Simply describe your plans for your settlement. You should describe what it’s focus will be on, how you plan to achieve your goals, and anything you think is relevant that really solidifies your plans or adds intrigue and interest to them. They can be plans for a farming community, for a fishing village, for a hidden ninja clan, anything you can think up and describe to us.

Title holders are ineligible to win, submissions can be made in this forum thread or via PM to myself here in the forums and they will be graded on 3 criteria:


The Judges will be Our Duke, Duchess, and some community leaders in the duchy all deliberating on who ultimately presents the most solid and interesting plan for a settlement.

What we can do for you:

As I said, this mayor title is meant for people to be able to place in our great duchy, so step 1 get to know the duchy. The easiest 2 ways to do this are to check our our forum post, and to come chat with us in our discord!

Duchy Post
Discord Link

Another thing we can do for you is we can help you plan your settlement! Sounds like giving you the answers to the test, no? Well that is kinda the idea. We want anyone that places in our great duchy to prosper, and if you think you will need some EP to help with start up costs on your genius plan, or if you want to know if there are groups already in place your can network with to help you achieve your plans the duchy discord is the place to do it.

Ultimately this is still a competition and you will not get an edge over anyone else, or fall behind based on your participation in discussions with the Duchy, but if you want to pitch a mining/smithing town for example and you want to see if there are any people to partner with to really up your feasibility and sustainability factors we certainly want to help.

3/23/2019 10:40:21 PM #1

It has been asked by some people, so to clarify Yes a barony would count toward this contest. The only stipulation is if you want to count as "feasible" for a barony in our duchy you would definitely have to communicate with our Duke Hieronymus (Sintax in discord) as baronies will need to be contracted with him.

Looking forward to seeing submissions!

3/24/2019 11:23:28 PM #2

Awesome contest, best of luck to all! :D


3/25/2019 8:07:26 PM #3

Thank you Starfire. We only have 3 participants so far, but then again it's still early :D

3/26/2019 1:23:01 AM #4

Can members within the duchy apply?

3/26/2019 4:32:49 AM #5

Good luck with the contest! A mayor title is definetly worth participating :)

3/26/2019 2:08:38 PM #6

Posted By Bayerd at 6:23 PM - Mon Mar 25 2019

Can members within the duchy apply?

Yes, citizens can participate Bayerd, unless they are title holders already or one of our 5 judges.

And thanks for the nod Rofus :D

3/26/2019 3:52:45 PM #7

Yes tell us your plans, all of them in detail.

Evil Smile

3/27/2019 6:53:35 AM #8

Title bundles are here! This is the full prize for this contest. 1 mayor title for NA-W.

4/1/2019 12:03:14 PM #9

Now that the Free Manns Tavern on Angelica is in the possession of the Duchy of Thorne there has been inquiries made if people can submit a contest entry specifically for the town the Free Mann is in.

Since we are formally aiming for the North Eastern Neran Grassland Duchy, and the Free Mann is located in the North Western Neran Grassland Duchy it is outside the range of our contest unless some shuffling happens during D&SS. Inquiries about the Free Mann should be separate from this contest and directed at our Duchess Sersei here in the forums or discord.

By all means if you wish to express interest in the competition still jump in our Discord to chat, or PM me on the forums.

Excited to see more people showing interest in the contest, and I expect it will pick up even more when D&SS starts!

4/9/2019 11:12:17 PM #10

Greetings again contest participants and silent watchers!!

Now that we have information and dates for Domain and Settlement Selection, naturally we also have a date for the end of this contest!

Officially this contest will run until Tuesday May 14th, 11:59 p.m. PST. Any submissions after the fact will not count, and remember submissions only count if PMd to me here in the forums or posted in the contest thread!

Results for the contest will be posted May 15th.

4/13/2019 12:01:19 PM #11

Well I'm excited to meet the newest member of our duchy and find out what they want to accomplish, I'm not always on but Dm me if you'd like my help with the contest.

4/15/2019 3:18:35 AM #12

Posted By Faustes at 05:01 AM - Sat Apr 13 2019

Well I'm excited to meet the newest member of our duchy and find out what they want to accomplish, I'm not always on but Dm me if you'd like my help with the contest.

Thanks Faustes!

Certainly I'm looking forward to announcing a winner too, and with a month left still and the people I imagine waiting to see where we place, I'm still expecting things to pick up as most of this contest has been behind the scenes and in discord xD

We definitely want to help hopeful mayors/barons to get a title for themselves and cannot wait to see how this contest ends.

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