[NA-W] Last Oasis + Free Mann Collab

Now announcing a collaboration between:

The Last Oasis and The Free Mann



The Last Oasis and The Free Mann are placed within neighboring duchies at a reasonable travel distance from each other. We do not yet know if they have roads connecting them, but we remain hopeful. This proximity between the taverns aids with the development of trade deals, secured supply lines, and an assurance of safe travel. Thorne and Vandiir can additionally share what we learn from running such unique taverns between ourselves, and perhaps with even those aspiring to own or create a legendary tavern of their own.

Who are we?

Pteroguin is the leader within the Duchy of Vandiir and has been hoping to place in both of these duchies for a while now. This position would mean roads and trade routes could be more easily developed to support the growth of both taverns.

Sersei and Sintax have discussed both this tavern placement with us as well as the possibility of the Duchy of Thorne placing as our Eastern neighbor.

The placement of our duchies will not be assured until after land selection, but our ownership of the Tavern deeds is. Our hope is to make a great atmosphere for tavern goers who would like to experience these legendary locations, and have an overall great time playing in the NA-W Angelican Server.

Afterall, who doesn’t love a tavern?

4/1/2019 12:52:14 AM #1


I've been working on some tavern lore which I will link here once it's completed later this week since it happens to be related. It's already at 4 pages of content and not at the halfway mark, so any suggestions on how I might go about posting it in a readable way would be appreciated. ^_^

Update: Got caught up in this project which has delayed the lore. Not to mention it's turning out much longer than expected :P

4/1/2019 12:52:52 AM #2

I am so happy about this, words cannot describe it. I can only see great things coming from our partnership!

4/1/2019 1:07:55 AM #3

Looking forward to the collaborative effort of the taverns. May our shared knowledge help us uphold the status of such places! May the combined future of the taverns and our duchies bring prosperity to the region!

4/3/2019 6:32:14 AM #4

Might a Google Doc be appropriate for posting the tavern lore?

Chaos is the spice of life, and so is salt.

4/3/2019 7:50:38 AM #5

A real cool endeavour, best of luck!

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