Would it be possible to play custom playlists at your tavern?

Clico Arjuna

4/6/2019 7:41:33 PM #1

hmmmmm i dont think so, not only because i think it wont be a mechanic, but also for copyright reasons etc :D

5/6/2019 4:24:35 PM #2

custom playlist OPC script?

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5/6/2019 4:27:25 PM #3

Depending on how they implament the music mechanics in the game, there is the potential to have anything played in your tavern so long as you have a capable musician to play it. I don't think it'll be a case of "replace File X with File Y" to have custom music, no, but with the music system we should be able to write music to be played in game, or play it manually alla LOTRO/Atlas.

5/6/2019 6:43:03 PM #4

An idea would be of a system where componists ingame write "music" that can be used for your NPC musicians in the tavern. This could then ofcourse be based on known songs, but if it is your own interpretation of existing music, then it cant be copyright issues?

So you could write your own songs, in a certain format that is unique to the game, but makes sense to the NPC's. Like the old skool punched cards:

5/6/2019 6:51:54 PM #5

In this idea, you have to write a different punch card for each instrument in the band. Which if started all together forms music to listen to. So the component could make it for different set-ups of the band, for example if you have 2 violins.

5/6/2019 8:03:16 PM #6

I wonder if there will be an option to be a bard in COE? That could tie in nicely with this idea!

ayy lmao

5/7/2019 2:37:26 PM #7

Elf, this is totally an option, and will be the majority of my play (for my first life at least). I even run the Musician's Guild on Selene (EU) server. The devs have siad the music will provide buffs.

5/7/2019 4:14:40 PM #8

Posted By Elf at 3:03 PM - Mon May 06 2019

I wonder if there will be an option to be a bard in COE? That could tie in nicely with this idea!

There was a minstrel package a while back with an instrument, clothing, and horse I believe.

5/7/2019 4:16:35 PM #9

Caspian had said he would like a system of music creation like how "Lord of the Rings Online" did it. but that was through Discord and void be wishful thinking.

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