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Hey guys, I am a wayward baron looking for a kingdom/discord server to rest my feet. I bought a Kickstarter package for this game so long ago and I was pretty active on the forums and keeping track of the game way back when, but now I barely keep up and I haven't had a lot of time for roleplaying and all that. However, now I have decided to finally put that Baron package to good use and bounce back in. I'm looking for a kingdom willing to take me in as Baron or Mayor or whatever the Baron role goes down to in the hierarchy when you already have a Baron. I just need to know where I'll be and have a means of chatting with the kingdom. Let me know! In my post history I believe that I have some sort of character background, but basically I want to be a Baron that kinda goes off on adventures on his own and leaves his responsibilities to others (occasionally to a fault). Thanks! Rivet

Gabriel Riv'et, Baron of Solace Keep

4/7/2019 2:44:09 PM #1

If you haven't yet locked into Luna, I may know a place on NA-W you would be welcome to come visit and see if it's a good fit :P

Either way, welcome back to CoE. Always glad to see new and returning faces.

4/7/2019 3:18:23 PM #2

Greetings Rivet!

Until Domain and Settlement Selection is underway, all plans are just tentative - so take all suggestions to be worth a grain of salt.

My own intent is to maintain an internal county focussed on agricultural production. Hopefully, war won't be a daily affair - but I'll still need barons to help keep the peace, and to stand with me, supporting our Duke/Duchess when called upon.

A county like this might be a good place for you to settle; Some responsibility, but with plenty of time to court adventure.

There are many good communities on Luna - I'm sure you'll have your pick of decent places to call home.



4/7/2019 4:06:40 PM #3

Are you sure you want to be a baron if you don’t want the responsibility? Why not be a mayor then?

Count LizenÇace VeLeîjres of Mydra's Crossing, VII of the order of the IX.

Order of IX

4/7/2019 8:16:23 PM #4

Well i'm just a count now of Fortuna ,but i'm looking into trying to become a duke when title purchases happen! If your looking for a place you can be a solid military power amongst fellow pvpers ,and not have such strict guidance on you/your guild/town. We'd be happy to talk to you! Just send me a message.

The only rules were thinking of having currently is to not be a D* ,and to protect each other in times of war! Were all considered family. So let me know!

4/8/2019 10:51:15 PM #5

Hello Rivet, I assumed you stuck with Zlyphannia after I split. You're still welcome in Kheg County of course (Kingdom of Alesia).

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5/6/2019 4:09:35 PM #6

I suggest having a chat with Daemon Redwyne or Kellix as I recently handed off my baron title to merge with another town. So...he's down one baron from what he was expecting.

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