Welcome to Moanoka a trading town in the kingdom of Valyria.I Lady Shisumi am looking to invite anyone looking for a home.My neighboring village called Arnthilis is a hunter hub where they will train mounted anchors for Lord Aelric's army.

Looking For

Blacksmiths Tailors Farmers Builders Guards Merchants Woodworkers Stoneworkers Ect.

Town Vision

My town vision is to make a place for people of all tribes, religions, talents, and backgrounds to come together and share resources and information. I look to make this town a place not run by me alone but to listen to my people's needs and create solutions. The Town of Moanoka is welcome to all who seek growth in themselves and others.

  1. If you have a guild and are looking for a place to call home please contact me I'm looking for guilds such as trading, fighting, hunting, or exploration guilds.

    1. I am seeking members for my trading council who will assist me in controlling trade routes, making trade agreements, and many other things.

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